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Wide Stances and Sneaky Glances

Just waiting for the shoe to drop, because if she can't think of the awful thing then the awful thing will fuck her, so she's spinning out every scenario she can think of, and he's like, "No, duh. I'm here because I love you, and you love me, and we have an awesome kid." And then comes the scenario she didn't think of, which is a random guy walks out on the sidewalk in front of her house and starts firing a gun. Esteban shoves her down onto the lawn, and Cesar plugs the guy like a million times, and everybody's okay. Except for Shane, who's sliding down the wall onto the porch.

So what are the options here? The shooter was meant for Esteban or Nancy; or on the outside I guess her family. That means it's either coming from Pilar, to protect him, or from Pilar to eliminate him, but neither of those are legit. If it's some random Mexican drug lord thing that's dumb, because all it does is teach Nancy that she's swimming with sharks, and that's like the one thing in all of reality that she acknowledges. So the bullet was meant for Nancy, who has no enemies but one, a radical and scary confrontation with whom she's been building since, oh... Season Three?

I mean, my psychic powers do not work with this show. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it's constantly surprising. I have no idea what's going to happen, ever. All last year everybody kept saying she was pregnant, and I just thought that was silly and dumb, and it turned out to be not only true but awesome. So there's the intuitive creepiness hangover from the bulletproof jacket scene with Alanis, that still bugs me for some reason. And there's the thing about Guillermo and Nancy pecking crazily at each other through the bars of their respective cages, and then she jokes about him getting raped, and ends up raped. She basically made Andy give her a blowjob tonight, and I mean (brick dance!), can't you see her pulling that shit with Guillermo? "Shut up and suck." Maybe this season will turn out to be all about how Nancy's tools suddenly got minds of their own: Andy, Lupita, and now Guillermo.

And there's an even more nebulous thing that has to do with last season being arrayed around a literal birth canal, and this season being constellated in terms of wombs and jails -- Esteban's house, Celia's garage even -- that underscores that particular parallel. And without U-Turn around, the only person she can really blame for her life is Guillermo. So if he just got her kid shot -- in the arm, by the way, but still -- maybe that plus her pregnancy means some kind of Lacey LaPlante Mama Bear freakout. But like I said, this show is and always has been surprising as hell, and I feel like if this show were a Jeopardy category the one area I really haven't been diligent with over the years is Guillermo. I feel like her relationship with him is just something I never paid enough attention to, and I've been feeling that way for years, so maybe the answer is actually really simple but at this point all I have is this: that little bastard burnt down the world to save her life once, too.

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