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The Dark Time

Previously, Nancy fucked Celia's boyfriend, and Celia planned to fuck Nancy's life for the second time in twelve episodes.

We bypass any of the bullshit and open on the goods, as Celia's in Nancy's kitchen in the middle of threatening to expose her illegal activities and calling her any number of nasty names like "slut," "cunt," "whore," "bitch," et cetera. Celia says she saw Nancy have sex with "the best man I've ever known" (so incredibly sad, that), and that she wants "in" on Nancy's action -- drug action, not demeaning sex with creepy men action -- or else she goes to the police. Nancy's measured and rational response is to grab Celia by the neck, take a giant honking knife from the countertop, and press it against Celia's throat, threatening to kill her dead if she goes to the cops. Nancy says she's over capitulating to every asshole who tries to blackmail, coerce, or otherwise shake her down -- though I might point out it's easy to say that now that she's got someone who she can actually overpower. Celia's freaked out, and that knife keeps getting pressed more and more up against her neck, and Nancy keeps moving her face closer and closer to Celia's, which of course gives us the hope that they could just decide to forget the animosity between them and start making out. Anyway, Nancy's one moment of acting like a badass is interrupted by Shane, who's apparently uncomfortable with his mother committing murder in their kitchen. Nancy tells him to say hello to Mrs. Hodes, and Celia takes this opportunity to swoon her way out of the Botwin house, taking her bottle of vodka with her (awesome) and calling Nancy a "sociopath." Yeah, it kind of seems that way this season. Once she's gone, Nancy explains that Celia "threatened mommy" and so she had to "scare" her. Shane asks if this is how it's going to be from now on, and Nancy's like, "...Yeah, pretty much."

Doug's asked Andy to meet him in the parking lot of the "Absolute Truth Ministries" in Majestic. Well...I guess all of it's Majestic now, which is part of the reason Doug's currently unspooling. He feels like he was taken in by Sullivan's promises of golf club memberships and sweet, sweet kickbacks, and now he's out for revenge. All Andy wants to do, however, is go pick up Dean and sell some weed, so he leaves Doug to his plotting. "Dumb Name will know my wrath!" Doug promises.

Aguatecture. Heylia is having coffee and pleasant conversation with a flowered-shirted gentleman, who turns out to be, for lack of a better term, the landlord for their warehouse property. After making small talk, he tells Heylia that the fire department's annual inspection is tomorrow, and she'll just have to let them poke around and make sure everything's up to code. Seeing Heylia's immediate "oh, shit" reaction, Flowered Shirt assumes that she's got "illegals" working for her, and he tells her to just get them out for the inspection and then move 'em on back in. Of course, that doesn't quite solve Heylia's problem, and when Flowered Shirt leaves, she heads back into the warehouse and tells Conrad (who's working with Silas) that the fire marshal's coming by tomorrow and "We all going to jail." She tells Conrad that, since he's the "big man" on this operation, that he should have known about this and it's his responsibility to fix it.

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