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The Godmother

That night, Nancy's on the phone, flirting with Peter when the doorbell rings. Seeing as it's a quarter to one, this can't be anything good. Indeed it's Silas (all those who picked "Andy" in the pool, pay up now), escorted by the police. Seeing as Silas is smiling as bright as the morning and giving his "Mommy" a huge hug, it's pretty clear that he's on ecstasy. The cop says he and Megan were breaking into model homes, and Megan's in the cop car being "very difficult" and not answering questions. Nancy informs the cop that Megan's deaf. "TOLD YOU!" yells Silas, still smiling and pointing at the officer. The cop tells Nancy that taking ecstasy "is like taking big ice cream scoops out of your brain." Nancy's like, "Good to know. This won't happen again." The cop is again very serious about Silas's risk of brain damage. Brain damage, schmain damage, this is the most likeable Silas has been in weeks. Maybe ever. He needs to be doing ecstasy regularly. He hugs Nancy again and says her sweater is "the softest thing I've ever felt in my life." Nancy grins and tells him to enjoy it now, because she's fixing to make his life incredibly hard. From the stairs, Shane looks on and takes more and more mental notes about how drugs make you happy and fun and not at all inclined to punch you in the face.

The next morning, Andy fetches the mail and finds a letter for himself. He reads it, goes white as a ghost (there's not much room for Justin Kirk to go whiter, complexion-wise, but he sells it well), and hands it to Lupita. "They want to send me to Iraq," Andy croaks. "Bye!" Lupita chirps. Ha!

Back at the Hodeses', Isabelle and Peggy are playing a different game. This one's probably called "Celebrity/Celebrity's College Friend Who's Into Just About Anything," because this game primarily involves Isabelle and Peggy kissing. Celia walks past this scene, slumps her shoulders, and sighs, "Oh, good Christ."

Doug's getting high in his office when Andy barges in, looking for a way out of this military service thing. See, Andy signed up for the Reserves one drunken night in order to impress a girl, and now he has to report or face military prison. He can't believe they found him, as he was "Off The Grid Andy." Doug's like, "Yeah, 'til you got busted for possession, when you became In The System Andy." Andy begs Doug to use his City Council juice to help him, but Doug's city council juice is of no good in this regard. Andy then starts going off about having to go fight for that war criminal president of ours and Doug starts arguing the pro-war side, spewing the usual misinformation about WMDs and mis-appropriating responsibility for 9/11 and not knowing Iraq from Iran. The verdict is that Andy's pretty well fucked, but Doug does pledge to put a yellow sticker on his car for him. Andy asks how Doug can be so blindly pro-Bush. Doug says he likes Laura Bush. "Used to buy weed from her at SMU. Good shit. Good shit."

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