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The Godmother

Still unable to speak, Nancy comes upon Andy floating face-down in the pool. He's practicing at being dead for Iraq, in case he happens to find a pool of some sort -- blood, oil -- that he can float in. Nancy tells him about Silas and tries very, very hard to convince herself that she shouldn't have to apologize for selling weed; it's a choice she's made and she's very, very good at what she does. Andy says Silas isn't mad about the drugs, he's mad about the secrecy. I'd also say he's mad because he's sixteen and sixteen-year-olds are the most furious people on earth aside from the very elderly and Nancy Grace. Andy's suggestion is to be open about the dealing with her family, lest she have a repeat performance with Shane down the road.

Fakery. Conrad shows up with a teeny potted marijuana clone and starts speed-reciting a whole mess of technical grow jargon that ultimately adds up to his proposal: Nancy gives him the start-up money, and he can have then growing their own shit to sell within three months. In the meantime, he says, Nancy needs to make up with Heylia and pretend nothing's going on. Nancy points out that if they go through with this, Heylia will never speak to him again. "Well fuck Heylia," Conrad says, and it makes me cringe a little bit. You don't say that out loud, Conrad! Heylia will find you and swoop in on you so fast! Nancy thinks about it, smiles, and says she wants to hear more.

Isabelle's riding her bike in the park when she comes upon Peggy making out with a boy. Isabelle is crushed that the love of her young life has full-on Heche'd her. Peggy's like, "Thanks for all that make-out practice, dude! You look really hot, by the way." Isabelle, hopeful, goes, "Really?" Peggy: "Yeah, you look really sweaty." Ouch. Still, though -- sucks to be Peggy. When those fat (so to speak) Huskaroo checks come rolling in next season, guess who's still gonna be making out for lunch money? Eat it, Peggy!

Botwins' After Dark. Nancy working out the numbers on her PDA when Andy approaches her wearing a yarmulke and hitting the Yiddish hard. Nancy takes one look at him and decides she doesn't want to know. This is, of course, another Andy scheme to get out of service: full-time students looking to become ordained clergy are deferred. "In other words," he says, "once you go rabbi, you never go bye-bye." "Mazel tov," says Nancy. Andy sees six wine glasses on the patio table and asks what's going on. She says she's switching some thing up, business-wise, and she pulls out a chair for Andy, who's over the moon at finally being included. Then, all at once, Alejandro, Dean, Doug, and Sanjay show up, and Nancy lays down the corporate structuring for the 2.0 phase of White Lady Dealer Industries: "Distribution" (Alejandro), "Finance" (Doug), "Sales" (Sanjay), "Legal" (Dean), and finally, for Andy, "Yentl." Andy gives a heart pound. Dean suggests opening the wine, but Nancy says to wait one second. While she's gone, the boys decide that Alejandro should indeed be the muscle. He reluctantly agrees, even though it might fuck up his pitching arm.

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