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Life Is Real Only Then, When I Am

Nancy wakes up in bed with Esteban at Bubbie's house. She remembers to take off her wedding ring, which is always nice the morning after, and just kinda stares at him for a bit until one of his guys shows up and reminds him about a meeting in Spanish. They make out for a little while, but he has to go. Nancy remembers for once that she has kids and they'll wake up soon. He kisses her face a thousand times before leaving, and she smiles with her eyes closed, but the second his back is turned, she's wide awake and not smiling at all, because she can feel it coming.

Isabelle has decided that it's time for an intervention, so Celia wakes up handcuffed to her bed with a strange lady in the room. Also attending: Dean and that dumb girl that follows Celia around. Pam. Celia begs Isabelle to uncuff her, promising a cookie. Pam gives her an amazing speech about how she misses the old Celia, the hypocritical drug war crusader who also used to do such a great job distracting salesgirls so she could shoplift at Forever 21. That is genius. Isabelle starts to wonder if "real life" is something to which Celia even needs to return.

Sanjay and Clinique are now working at Maternity World, so I guess Nancy meant it about firing Celia. Well, this will give her more time to get intervened. Clinique explains that she was nearly a JC Penney's manager until she met Silky the pimp. Excellent dialogue from Clinique -- who's never actually been as funny as the show seems to think -- includes "Gotta go with who you know, so you don't get ass-raped, businesswise." She then tells some lady to step away from Sanjay, whose gigantic baby is testing his strength, and the woman runs off in terror. "People like it when you treat 'em like shit. Watch, she's going to come back and buy a blouse." Nancy is amazed and worried about the choices that have led her here.

Sanjay and Ignacio meet and Ignacio crosses himself, believing that Jimmy Jam -- Sanjay's giant hilarious baby -- is the devil. Sanjay admits it's possible. Then Guillermo comes out of the tunnel to Mexico with a drugged-up girl and a really unlikely cover story. The whole human trafficking/Maria Full Of Grace/slavery component of Nancy's total lie of a life hits, in the form of a migraine and the sights and sounds that go along with it. Very neat moment, with the drugged girl stepping out into the sun just as the migraine hits; you feel like you're Nancy for a second. What a horrible feeling.

Silas is babysitting Rad for some reason, and Rad tells him all about how very into each other Lisa and her ex-husband are. Meanwhile, the goth girls are trying to figure out some kind of scary threesome using diagrams from the internet. Simone and Harmony babble about how they're doing a science project with Shane involving volcanoes and wind. Nancy, confronted by the piercings and lies of the goth girls, drops to a seat on the stairs and then makes no sense whatsoever for a bit. Rad informs Nancy that Lisa thinks she dresses like a prostitute. She asks Silas to make sure Shane and his goth girl "lab assistants" don't destroy the house. "You mean do your job?" he asks, and she grins. "Only better." She goes upstairs and the threesome talks about what their moms are up to: one's doing a self-improvement pyramid scheme, one's taking a sound bath in a biospheric dome, and of course Nancy's fucking the drug kingpin/Mayor of TJ. They're all equal ways of dealing.

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