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"I Think Selling Pot Becomes a Way For Him to Have Something to Do"
MB: Yeah, you can just have your assistant do that for you. MP: My Jonathan! My own personal Jonathan. MB: So when you look at the direction of your career, do you have a sense of what you want it to become? MP: It's hard, because things come at you that it's so hard to plan for. I'd like to keep doing television and film, and I'd love to do theater. But it's a little bit hard to commit to being somewhere [for a play] for two or three months, just because the television and film jobs have been coming at a nice pace. Mostly, the goal is to keep working with interesting people, but to have characters with more complex storylines. I'd like to be able to carry something. MB: How does your schedule work when you're a recurring character on two series at once? Is it hard to plan your life around that? MP: It is a little hard to plan my life around that. Recurring on both shows grants me the ability to do both shows, because for the most part, series regulars are locked into the shows they work on. So in some ways, it's fantastic. But sometimes I don't know until the week before, or even less, as to whether or not they're going to want me. And I want to be available to do both shows, but sometimes you accept another job. I had to miss out on a few episodes of 30 Rock last year because I committed to other things. And right now there are two films I might be working on at the end of August, but that's when they start shooting 30 Rock. So I'm just trying to keep everything up in the air for as long as possible. The great thing for me with these two particular shows is that 30 Rock shoots on a network schedule -- which is August to March, I think -- and Weeds shoots during the summer, which is April to July. MB: Perfect timing. MP: It's kind of unreal how it works out. It would be impossible otherwise because one is in L.A. and one is in New York. Already, I do a lot flying back and forth, but I can't imagine trying to do it more. [At this point, a strange beeping sound comes out of nowhere.] MB: Wait. Was that your iPhone ringing? MP: Yeah, I just got an iPhone, but I have no idea how to use it yet. MB: Is that why I called you earlier and the message lady said there was no voicemail on your account? MP: Yeah, it's been literally two hours since I got this thing. MB: Awesome. I might put that in the story, for personal flavor.

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