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The Punishment Light

So lunch has now turned to dinner, and the kids have gone off to God knows where, turning tricks in the parking lot for all Nancy knows, while she sits and drunkenly babbles to Peter about pennies thrown at her car and whether the rabbi today thought she and her family weren't Jewish enough. She stops talking long enough to get a good, long look at Peter. She tells him he's cute and starts kissing him. She's immediately regretful and pulls away, saying she's not ready for this.

Back at the Hodeses, Celia and Dean sit on the floor with their bottle of wine. Dean asks if "the black guy" was any good, and Celia tells him, without any malice, that he was. "Very." Then they kiss. Awkwardly.

Nancy and the boys return home the next morning (seems like it was a planned overnight for the tournament), and Alejandro is watching her creepily from across the street. Inside the house, there's broken glass and peanut butter everywhere, Doug's passed out on the couch, and Andy appears to be still stoned, with his johnson hanging out of his shorts. Lupita keep trying to tell Nancy about Alejandro, but Nancy's too busy yelling at Doug and smacking Andy and grounding Shane to listen. When the rat comes crawling across the floor to feast on some more PB, Nancy grabs the gun from Andy and shoots it dead with one shot. Lupita finally shows her the roll of pennies and says it's from the man across the street. Nancy sends Doug home, orders Andy to clean up, takes the gun, and heads outside.

Nancy makes sure she has Alejandro's attention, then drives off in her car, while the flamenco music goes wild on the soundtrack. Nancy pulls into a back alley somewhere, gets out of her car, and starts flinging pennies at Alejandro's beater. Alejandro gets up on her face, trying to intimidate her, but she doesn't back down. The camera pulls in really tight as he tells her to know her place. She's breathing heavy from the adrenaline and he's kind of leering at her and it's a very charged atmosphere. Nancy has no plans to stop selling, which Alejandro says is a problem. And what's the solution to that problem? Right now, the solution seems to be fucking on the hood of Alejandro's car. Nancy! I don't know whether to be scandalized or kind of impressed at Nancy's negotiation tactics.

Hodeses'. Celia and Dean are afterglowing on the floor. They're still talking about Celia's dark lover, and she tells Dean his name was "Conrad." I like how this ended up being an aphrodisiac for both Celia and Dean. He asks whether this Conrad was "bigger" than him. Instead of asking "where?" Celia simply says "nope" and smiles.

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