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Get Mommy a Pillow

Outside Bubbie's house. Andy, Silas, and Shane are in the tin-foil paranoia van of herbage, discussing Bubbie's request. Silas calls Andy out: "You want to kill Bubbie?" and Andy apparently thinks of his moral compass as having foreground and background: he tells Silas that he's all "humane, merciful, dignified 'yes' in the foreground" and "sorrowful, deeply-felt-but-tinged-with-regret-about-the-big-fat-'yes'-thing way back there, a ways." After this cute little bit, however, the conversation goes rapidly downhill with all your standard "end with dignity" versus "kill her" semantics (Shane and Andy in the former camp, Silas in the latter). Silas sardonically declares that they should "kill" her because, "Sure, because life is just 'blah blah blah'." Well, Silas, when you're having standard high school Ethics debates over euthanasia on television, "blah, blah, blah" sort of sums it up. Andy is with me, except he sort of delivers his agreement in a weird manner a la that awful Stage Manager character from Our Town -- a monologue on how all life actually is is "blah." "You hope for it to be 'blah' [hopeful intonation], but usually it's just 'blah' [blank intonation]," and so on. Shane compliments Andy's monologue and Silas decides that they should "do this." The plan is that Shane is on Len-convincing duty, and Silas and Andy will hide out in the van.

Celia -- back to her blonde PTA self -- and Pam break into Dean's hotel room, Pam running interference with the maid in the hallway by shouting loudly about Celia's husband "the lovable gimp." Inside, the TV is on and Pam goes moth-to-flame with it, especially because her favorite local news dummy with the neat-haired Hewl Hauser is on it. Celia quickly finds Dean's cell phone and finds a text from Shane ("Gr8 Grdma dying. Weird house. Weird town") indicating where they're hiding out.

Tijuana. You know because of the Speedy Gonzalez noises happening on the soundtrack. Nancy is all three-quarter-sleeve pink button-down, 9-inch inseam khaki shorts, and golf visor, hanging around the garage from last week. The workers ask if she's going to the farmacia and she says she's going to stay and watch, and then puts her ear buds in to listen to a Spanish-language podcast. The old guy who's in charge of the operation looks at her intently, not sure he sized her up correctly the last time. Everyone gets to work stuffing bags of drugs inside the frame of her car, and she watches passively. Until she notices them stuffing a small man under the back seat . Nancy freaks out, they explain this is Lento and he's going to see his mother who's having gastric bypass surgery, Nancy continues to freak, but they screw him into place anyhow.

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