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Wild & Entitled
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Poor Pilar never looked so tiny as when floating in a swimming pool surrounded by her blood. Strange Botwin never looked so tiny either, holding a croquet mallet. "Couldn't find a golf club," he grins. While Nancy tries and fails to pull it together and get over the freakout that she was just having -- Pilar threatening her sons' lives, feeling helpless before her because she'd never had to deal with a woman and women are her Kryptonite -- so she can start freaking out about what just happened, Shane continues to dissociate. The music all through this beginning part keeps reminding me of Rosemary's Baby, or like a Kidz Bop version of the Suspiria soundtrack. Somewhere in there, anyway.

"It's cool how the lights change color. I wonder if it's a saltwater pool. It doesn't sting your eyes as much as chlorine. Not that that's her issue..." Nancy wigs and tells him to keep hold of the mallet and closes the pool cover over the body. He waves up at the security camera and she knocks it out with the mallet. She keeps calling it a stick and he keeps correcting her and it's very annoying and it happens throughout the episode, which would be fine except there are, like, ten other recurring conversations that are much funnier, and I'm not sure what the point even is. Nancy grabs him by the face and marches him out to the limo, like, that's what you do when you're Nancy Botwin and your kid kills a lady: Straight into Time Out and no complaining.

Silas whines at them; he's been waiting in the car when he could have been inside at the party, "eating mini-sliders and making small talk with the king of Nicaragua." Silas is accustomed to waiting for Nancy to do whatever bonkers thing she's doing. "Nicaragua is a constitutional democracy," Shane says, while their mother bashes against the driver's window. "I need to get home and feed the baby!" she shrieks, and then grabs a bottle of vodka from the minibar. Like, how out-of-control does shit actually have to be for Nancy Botwin to start drinking?

Silas wonders why she's drinking if she's supposed to be feeding Stevie Ray (Your milk is poison! Be the baby!) and Shane grabs a bottle of his own. "Hey! You're underage. Thankfully!" (Parenting!) Shane complains that he's at least earned a drink to steady his nerves, but Nancy disagrees: In fact, what he is done is go off the deep end. He giggles at the pun and she gets mean-eyed and scared for a second, pointing one claw in her son's face: "No." Nancy won't tell Silas what happened, just drinkin' and cryin' and lookin' pissed off, and Shane's still being strange -- "I pegged out" -- and when Nancy finally admits she doesn't even have the words to explain what's going on, Silas knows they're in deep. I would feel sorry for him except, honestly? He was so shitty until Nancy actively started destroying his life at every opportunity.

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