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"I'm buried," Silas says. "You have to dig me out." But he's so old now and so strong and he's grown so much, she thinks, can't he just do it himself?

Silas refuses to drive until Nancy buckles up, although she's sure the mountain of her baggage will protect her, and Lupita offers to get the fuck on up out of there at the nearest bus station. She offers -- and to Nancy's credit she doesn't think twice -- to take Stevie Ray with her. No go. "I make 'em, I keep 'em." Silas is not loving that policy, but it's too late now. (Also, she hits both of her kids about 60 times in this episode, and they also have Shane say something about it this week, and I know she slaps the shit out of him again next week. So that's something we need to monitor, I think, moving forward.) After a lot of scrunched driving, Nancy finally admits that her baggage is crowding everybody else out. Does she think to herself that maybe getting rid of some bullshit would free up space? No, she just jokes about ruining more lives. "We're gonna need a bigger boat," she says, and Silas goes, "Wouldn't want the shark feeling cramped!"

Did you know the shark thing is a myth? I mean, sharks aren't a myth, they have their own week on TV. But the always going forward thing? Not true. In this particular case, of course, it's completely apropos, because the myth is true about Nancy Botwin. Keep moving, keep eating, keep tearing through the shoals and wonders of our natural world. And the Jaws reference, too, of course. A mommy entitled to her rages and her blood, cruising through the water, chomping randoms with equanimity. Lots of coffee and eyeliner.

Meanwhile, these drunk dudes back at the party are daring one of their number to jump in the pool from a rooftop. They talk shit about Pilar and roll the automatic cover back, and he jumps without looking. He makes fun of their terrified stares, and then bumps into the dead body floating around in there. What a terrible night that man is having! In his underwear and all.

Nancy comes upon Andy, who is lurking outside the Ren Mar house because a crazy Christian with a crossbow is inside being all obsessed with Alanis Morissette. Andy fills Nancy in on how he abandoned her to this fate, and thus is not a man in any of the thousand ways he attempted to be a man last year. Nancy, to be sure, is not interested in one single part of any of this, because other people's lives just aren't that interesting to Nancy Botwin. She keeps interrupting him to give her the keys to his van, so all her shit will fit in there and they can run away. This is literally how far she thinks. After six years, not a surprise, but she is sort of turning into a particularly shitty kind of superhero.

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