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Wild & Entitled

Nancy offers Andy the Prius, and he stubs his toe on the whole mess of grownup/family-man metaphors that the van represents to him, but again: Not interested in other people's lives. Not even interested in explaining the degree of her extremity tonight, although she does give it a moment to act appalled that Andy assumes it was Shane that murdered somebody. (Andy also assumes it was Esteban who was killed, but I think that would just be too awful even for this show. Plus, won't he eventually be eaten by a lion?)

At this point Nancy realizes that she's going to have to save Alanis Morissette from a random nutjob if she expects to get the keys to this van, and is of course so totally insane that she doesn't think twice about it. It's like how drug dealers work so hard and show such work ethic and deal with so many different kinds of people and you're like, "What is the benefit of not having a regular job at that point?" I mean, she's a drug dealer, but you know what I mean. Like, why not man up and face your demons? Because from the outside, you're totally charging a guy with a crossbow. But there's danger and then there's danger, and she'd rather be charging a guy with a crossbow than looking in the mirror. The worst thing that could happen there is, you get shot and die.

Daredevil Girl heads inside. Audra's complaining to Crazy Gayle about her bad choices in men, and Gayle is pleading his troth hilariously -- "Let's wash the blood of the unborn off your hands and live together in the light of the Lord! We'll make babies! I have a trust fund!" -- and admitting he's off and on his antipsychotics for reasons of weight gain. Plus, you know, I'm sure it gets lonely when God stops telling you what to do and how you are His special friend. (Although on this show God would follow that up with, "But have you met Nancy Botwin? That girl, I tell you what." And then take a twenty out of your wallet and hand it over to her, just to be a dick.)

"Hey Audra? It's Nance! Just wondering if I could get a quick abortion?" Nancy knows how to make an entrance, for sure. I think that's my favorite line of the whole thing. Audra several times complains about how of course Andy called Nancy when things got hot, and Nancy unconvincingly tries several times to say that it's just a coincidence before going back to just demanding the van keys over and over. Andy finally comes in and starts fighting with Gayle, but of course in the end he misses the bear and Nancy still has to vanquish him. (Maybe I just like Andy better when Nancy's sucked his brain out? What a terrible thing to contemplate.)

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