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While they're doing that, Silas and Shane discuss how they are constantly, constantly waiting on Nancy, and that in the final analysis it's mainly her complete self-absorption that causes this effect. "I'm not sure if it's pure ego or false bravado," says Shane, which is really canny of him because after all, that admits the possibility that she does this shit on purpose. And the whole tragedy and sort of mindbending horror of Nancy Botwin is the possibility -- which even she shies away from, and she's better at hating Nancy than any of us -- that on some level she knows what a dirty fucker she actually is.

"You know why I peed on her leg?" Silas asks, and Shane's hilariously like, "When?" But he also knows exactly why: Because he had to pee, and Nancy was ignoring him. Dick in hand. Shane is in a position now to understand that better than Silas ever did. Does Shane feel different, having killed? Not yet, he says. Which is, again, canny of him. Admitting the possibility. Silas, who is still almost loathe to touch him, says to let him know if Feelings actually show up. Going through the bags of stolen stuff, Shane finds a cock ring. It is uncomfortable.

Inside, Andy is protesting that it counts that he technically came back to defend Audra and stuff, and she isn't buying it. "You bailed. And then when you came back with Mommy over there, she had to save your sorry ass." Nancy swears, again, that she's just there for the keys, and at this point she protests too much. Because of all the times I think Nancy actually does know what she's doing, I would lay odds on this one. It's not the van she wants, it's Andy. But she's got to do it just right, which means ignoring what's going on and just demanding the keys over and over until Andy hangs himself with Audra, which if you started holding your breath right this second, well, let's just say it's unlikely you'll turn blue before he somehow fucks up.

She finally throws the keys in Nancy's face, which offends her, and Audra lets her have it. "How about fuck you, bitch? You crazy fucking bitch! You're married, you have children. Why couldn't you stay away? You keep him around like a little puppy dog. You use him!" For her part, Nancy immediately tries to get the fuck out of there, wishing them well, and even telling Gayle she doesn't want to drag Andy into her shit anymore. Part of her actually believes this, but not the part that any of us, including Nancy, would ever respect.

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