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"I'm Sorry That You Suck So Much."

Mermex enters the garden at the new house, where Andy's naked ass is taking an outdoor shower, but soon enough his dick comes swinging around to say hello. Oh, Andy. You and your dick and the trouble you get into. Maria's at least a little bashful at all the hot live nudity; he's more interested in finding a towel, of which there are none. She informs him almost immediately that she's there because he has been in her dreams, and he gamely offers that dreams are weird, like, he has this one recurring dream about playing pool with Lou Dobbs, and then scary teeth come out of the torn flesh of his big fat stomach. And like anyone would, Maria finds this story a massive turn-on, demanding that Andy make love to her. He tries to run, but the door is locked. So even if she hadn't shown up all willy-nilly like this, with the dreams and whatnot, he still would be ass-naked out in the yard with the door locked, although admittedly the illegal alien love coming right at him does ratchet up the urgency of the situation. She asks if he finds her attractive, and he says he does, but: Doug. She grabs his crotch and notes that he's apparently excited, and he suggests that probably it's just windy. Then she blows him, and he whispers, then screams, "Lou Dobbs!"

Next day, Sanjay's all about hitting on this male customer who's maternity shopping with his wife, but it's actually agent Schlatter, so Nancy's in a pickle because she wants Sanjay out of there for many reasons, but can't say any of them or else Sanjay will figure out about the tunnel bust. She tells him to re-dress the mannequins ("Finally! Can I do a theme?"), and ushers the couple into a dressing room, softly patting the door to the back room as she wanders off. Up front, Sanjay is all about how gay agent Schlatter is, and although Nancy points out that they're a married couple, he maintains that there's weirdness. Of course, in real life this would all be imaginary and Sanjay would be even more annoying than he just naturally is, but of course he's right, so Nancy is just stressed. She tells him to get his gaydar checked, and he offers a speech about "listen breeder, my gaydar is never wrong" and about how Schlatter ♥ cock and Nancy reminds him that at some point in the past six or seven months he ♥ that pregnant lady's vagina. Which actually made me laugh.

Nancy scornfully asks if Sanjay is suggesting that religious and societal pressures have forced him to live the lie of domesticity, because that's certainly a rare thing to have happen, and Sanjay pounces directly on the truth. "Or maybe he's a cop." Nancy nearly starts crying right then because goddamnit, Sanjay. But Sanjay's on a roll: Schlatter's a cop, undercover, looking to scope them out and then bust the whole thing wide open, "And then ask me out!" Nancy laughs and tells him to go do his vision in blue, and Sanjay offers one last piece of bullshit fag stereotypery which... I'm not fond of the Sanjay character anyway because his entire identity is "I'm really gay!" which lots of gay guys are like that, fine, but the show seems to think that that's enough.

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