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"I'm Sorry That You Suck So Much."

Esteban plays a barcarola for Nancy, a gondolier song, and she notes that the boat motif keeps on trucking with him. There's a photograph of his three daughters on the coffee table, near a bowl full of bones; he admits to having hid it before now, which he knows is weird. "You make me do things I wouldn't usually do." He kisses her forehead; her head is in his lap. He asks where she's gone, as she's looking out into space, and the barcarola plays, Godfather-like, over what follows.

Nancy tries to tell Esteban about the girls in the tunnel, but he already knows. Sanjay negotiates his way around the tunnel and the men with guns to put today's retail take in the safe, then back out again. The SWAT team grabs him just as he's locking up the store for the night, pressing his face against the glass. Esteban tells Nancy they are in a business of "dark-hearted people," but that he and Nancy are not dark-hearted, and that there won't be any more girls coming through Nancy's tunnel. The DEA team blows a hole to the tunnel room, and they engage in a gunfight that drops several of Guillermo's men; Guillermo and Ignacio manage to make it down into the tunnel. The DEA follows.

Esteban asks Nancy to dance, and she remembers throwing up on her Prom date. She bites his neck, as he laughs. "Do you love me?" she asks. "Are you in love with me?" I believe that she's in love with him, or as close to it as the broken pieces of a person can be. If we all waited to fall in love until we were perfect, we would all be dead, therefore, she's allowed to be in love. The Municipal Police of Tijuana meet the SWAT team in the tunnel, both sides screaming at the edge of their jurisdiction. Ignacio makes it across, pissing off Till and grinning horribly, but Guillermo is taken away by the Americans.

Esteban doesn't answer her question, just asks her to take a trip with him. She says she'll have to ask her boss for the week off; her boss allows it. They begin to make out, and just then the bodyguard's phone rings. It's Cesar, calling in a Regaliz Rojo: Red Licorice. Nancy watches, worried, as he takes the call. "Call me when you know more," he says, and admits to Nancy that a "regaliz rojo" is very bad. She nods. Here we go.

Mermex watches Doug brushing his teeth at their hotel, perching uneasily on the bed. Andy arrives to go out to dinner, and they talk briefly about their next scam: selling generic Mexican pharmaceuticals to old people without insurance. Doug is pretty unsubtle about the fact that he wants no Mexican food or anything with beans, and the douche chill is redoubled. Andy finally shrieks: "Maria and I had sex!" But only once, well, twice, but not two separate times. One time, and then again after that. Doug's not really interested in splitting that hair, or anything really: "You guys had sex?" They feel kind of bad, and Maria explains that she seduced him, but mostly it's Andy feeling guilty. He tries to explain how horrible he felt and how he had to come clean, but Maria keeps fucking it up: "I love him!" Andy says that no, she doesn't, and they both love Doug. "No, I love you, Andy! You are the best lover I have ever had!" Andy's weak defense is that if she ever lets Doug fuck her, she will be pleasantly surprised. After all, he's quite tall, and ... good with numbers?

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