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"I'm Sorry That You Suck So Much."

Shane produces a head cheese sandwich, and the skanks go nuts. It makes him happy. Every single Botwin is now dealing drugs.

Till congratulates Nancy on still being alive, and tells her how it's going to go down: there will be interviews for him and a spotlight shining on the maternity store, of course. Tomorrow she'll be arrested and questioned, she'll pretend to know nothing, and he'll pretend to fuck it up on a technicality. She asks about Sanjay -- gone to Long Beach -- and Guillermo, who is going to jail along with his crew. However, there has been international confusion at some level, so he needs Nancy to give up Guillermo's boss. She swears she doesn't know, and he tells her he hopes it's the truth. After all, they play harder down south. She tells him to do his job, and it'll be fine, and leaves. Till dials Phil on his phone. Who's Phil? That's Schlatter's first name, and I think the first time we've seen or heard it, but it doesn't really matter. They play harder down south.

I wish I cared. It's like, I loved Vaneeta. She never did or said anything remotely interesting, but she was funny and beautiful, she had presence and a charming way about her. Most importantly, she tied into people that mattered, Conrad and Heylia, and was given enough lines that she was a distinctly wrought character. And while I do love this season very much, and most episodes have been gems, I would have to say that this season's chief issue lies with insufficient development of character. All it would have taken was one scene where Schlatter speaks, or even did anything beyond being creepy with Celia one time and getting fucked by Till, which was played for shock value anyway, before disappearing again until now. I just don't get it. I used to love Guillermo, but all he's done is make that scary angry black-eyed face of his once an episode for most of the season, and that's it. Sanjay, once upon a time, was a person; even Clinique came onto the scene with a personality.

The deal is that Nancy needed a crew, so they built one out of spare parts, but then told us nothing about the parts. Till, we meet again, but Till's never been a particularly defined character either, beyond the Peter stuff. I guess the point is that while we miss Conrad and Heylia as people, I realize now that I miss them even more for what they were, which is: real people, with lives independent of the plot and thoughts inside their heads that didn't amount to one single idea repeated over and over whenever they were onscreen. And that's, I'm sorry, just lazy writing, because you have to feel that Nancy lives in a world, a complete fictional world, and peopling it with a bunch of carbon copies and metaphors...

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