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Sins Of The Mother

Inside the pharmacia, the guy's like, "Xanax? Valium? Ativan?" No, Restylane. Ha! "Dos cc's." Isabelle asks what they'll do when Dean's FEMA vouchers run out, and Celia says they'll live on Celia's maternity store earnings. The guy brings back the Restylane and asks again if she wants Xanax. Just take the Xanax. Like any good pharmacy worker, he offers generic, and she stares at him: "Mexican generic hyaluronic acid. Do I wanna look like the Joker? Noooo."

He rings it up and Isabelle asks if the maternity store is a drug front. Celia sends her to get a fucking taco from the cart outside. "You wanted this, you got it. Welcome to my life: broke, homeless, not a man in sight -- although that's not your issue -- no prospects, no direction, no hope for relief from the crushing defeat and futility and just... pure bad luck, that is my fate. Walk with me here, okay? Arm in arm, mother and child. Doomed." And this time when he offers Xanax they both accept.

Nancy asks Guillermo for three hundred pounds of weed, and he reminds her that she's a face and a front now. She wants to split her customer base with him, and he offers ten percent for a finder's fee. She disagrees, and he tells her she's not an entrepreneur anymore: she's the mom-and-pop, he's Wal-Mart. He agrees to sell her the three hundred for twenty-five bucks a gram, and she tells him to fuck off. She comes up with an even worse idea. It's so bad I don't even know what it is.

Doug takes Andy to where you get illegal Mexicans, which is Home Depot. I cannot figure out if this storyline is okay. The car gets mobbed and Doug compares them to Jews with wedding hors d'oeuvres. They take a minute to acknowledge and process this minorly offensive comparison before getting back to the business of making money off immigrants. "I forgot you were a Jew. I should never have said that in front of you." Andy tells a guy they're researching for their coyote business and asks about his experience with immigration. So then they all go screaming every which way.

Silas shows up at Cheese Gotta Have It, all sweaty with his hoodie zipped down to his abs. He and Lisa talk about how he doesn't have a car, and she says that having a car is "awesome," and he responds to this snarkiness by closing the shades and having crazy sex with her. She offers to go in the back where there's a sink to hold onto, and he's just like, "Hold onto me." So she does. Good girl.

Nancy goes to see Cesar at the garage -- pointing out that she at least drove a car this time, instead of using the tunnel -- and asks for a favor. "GPS?" I wouldn't think you'd want that, in her line of work. No, the thing she wants is much, much stupider than GPS. "Esteban. I need to hablo with Esteban." Cesar nods to the guys, who shut the door, and he close-talks: "Nobody here knows an Esteban." She jokes that it's a common Mexican name, and flirts: "Does he have a codename? Senor GraƱde? ...Please back the fuck off." Awesome.

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