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Sins Of The Mother

Cesar sits back, and Nancy says she wants to have a business talk with him. Cesar points out that she has no business with him, and Nancy gives a little speech about how she knows he's the Mayor, and all that, but if they don't bring him to her, she'll find him herself. As in, go to City Hall and blow his spot. Fuckin' Nancy, what are you doing? "Smile, you get to drive a hybrid!" she says, and Cesar gets in the car.

Having found another, hotter group of dudes, Andy and Doug feed them and talk about the coyote business. One guy points out that while a "kinder, gentler coyote" is a great concept, there's nothing saying they're not organ thieves or otherwise exploitative. Proof of this is the guy at the table with one kidney. "You speak amazing English," Andy says, and the guy says he was a deputy transportation administrator in Colombia. The larger implications of this escape the boys, and Doug asks the going rate "per smuggle." For just the border-crossing alone, it's $3000. Doug is excited. Andy asks him for tips: wait until the border patrol is changing shifts, or else find a hole in the fence. "If they don't get you in the first two minutes," you're golden. Although the problem isn't the agents and whatever so much as it is the spooky, creepy Minutemen. Ugh.

Shane comes in with Isabelle and immediately starts threatening to ruin Andy for trying to steal the remodeling contract by bringing in random dudes. It's kind of cute and kind of scary, which is the recipe for Shane. Andy laughs and tries not to tell him about the coyote thing, and gets the guys to help with the remodel.

In the TJ, Cesar translates Esteban's speech at the dedication of a mobile medical unit: people getting shot in Tijuana more lately, it's important. Nancy tries to take this seriously, but as an entitled white chick, it's difficult, and I respect that. Cesar lets her in on the fact that Esteban's secretly the private donor who made it possible, and he sits down to be the first blood donor, too. There is flirting.

Celia sits with an Agent Schlatter popping Restylane while he taunts her, titillated by her fear. Till comes in and offers her a drink of water, then tells her she's off the hook. "Captain Till... Roy... Now that this is all over..." He says he's seeing someone. How embarrassing! She finally remembered she's worthless without a man and decided to settle for Till, and he wasn't even interested: just being creepy sexual harassment guy for the heck of it. She takes off awkwardly, and Till shoots Schlatter a look that says, "We are totally gay for each other."

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