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Sins Of The Mother

The former deputy transportation administrator explains the basics of remodeling to Shane as Isabelle finds and stares wildly at the naked pictures of Nancy that just fell out from behind a bookshelf. Nancy comes home -- forcing Shane to scramble and hide the photos -- and Isabelle gets major horny on her, which is amazing. Shane nervously explains about the remodeling and Nancy sadly must admit that she's not coming up with the cash for sure, as she sits down on her sore ass.

"Honey, why are you hiding Sammy Davis, Jr.'s autobiography behind your back?" Shane is flummoxed. "He had a baby with a white woman, mom?" Isabelle and Nancy are confused, but Isabelle is hilarious: "I found it shocking. He was protecting me." Normally that would be another red flag that they're hiding something, but God knows what Celia did to her, so Nancy drops it. That is the funniest thing in this episode.

Doug meets with the scary stupid Minutemen and says that it's his dream to protect our nation's borders. The guy asks, "You looking to stimulate the adrenals, or do you just not like the Hispanics?" Doug says that really he just likes his fellow countrymen more, which pleases the freak, who frowns officially on bigotry. He admits they're "vastly undermanned" and that while they can't arm themselves except for the purposes of self-defense. No contact, no engagement are the rules. "Can I throw rocks?" No sir. "We observe, we report." Doug's like, "Gotcha." I don't know if I get it. "It all starts to happen when the sun goes down. Some crazy shit out there: crazy shit."

Crazy shit, as the sun goes down: Sweaty naked porno Silas going the hell down on Lisa in her cheese shoppe; Doug showing the militia guy his cell phone picture of Maria and seeing his bodybuilder freaky lady friend in response; Captain Till making sweet love to Schlatter; Nancy checking out her Esteban spanking marks next to her U-Turn tattoo and smiling crazily; Shane masturbating to pictures of his mother. That's a LOT of crazy shit. I didn't believe militia guy, but it turns out he was right.

Guillermo is sad again when he comes to see Nancy. Dudes bring giant duffle bags of pot in, and he won't look at her. "I came to you first. You said no. It's just business, Guillermo." He looks like he's going to cry; he's the third person to get spanked in this episode. He shuts the door on her, and she smiles quietly, thanking Esteban under her breath even as she knows that Guillermo has only just begun to freak out.

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