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Young (Fake) Americans

Hell-Lay. Jack meets with Alexei. "Zee agreement wuz for all of zee books," says Alexei. "That's the one you're looking for," says Jack, dapperly brandishing his umbrella. Alexei comments that they haven't heard from Irina in awhile. "She's a difficult woman to keep track of," says Jack. Heh. Especially when she's dead. "That she is," says Alexei knowingly. He goes on to say that Irina always spoke favorably of Jack and that her attachment to him made her work problematic. "I hope I didn't cause you too much inconvenience," sneers Jack. Heh. Alexei returns to the business at hand, saying that he'll have an airplane waiting for Syd and Vaughn and a support team ready to help them once they leave Liberty Village's perimeter. They say goodbye and we return to Liberty Village.

Syd and Vaughn are getting the rundown from Sergei about their assignment. It would seem that Syd and Vaughn are moving to Chicago. Shout-out? Well, considering I toil away here at my laptop in Ravenswood, Chicago proper, I'd like to think so, but I leave that judgment up to you. Sergei hands the Chicago house assignment to Syd and Vaughn and an Atlanta house assignment to another Spyneighbor. Sergei and Diane are going to New York. A meeting's been set up at Pierce Financial for Syd and Vaughn. "We're attacking an investment firm?" asks Syd. "We just need access to their servers," says Sergei. "At some point in the near future, an unfortunate incident is going to befall the New York Stock Exchange. If we have access to the servers of America's financial institutions during that time, we'll be in prime position for a massive redistribution of wealth." "Think of it as…aggressive Marxism," pipes up Spyneighbor.

Vaughn wants to know what the casualty count might be for this "unfortunate incident." "Are the gladiators of Liberty Village Automotive having a sudden crisis of conscience?" asks Sergei. Syd says that civilian deaths mean repercussions, and Vaughn says they'll need an exit strategy. Sergei says, in Russian, that they'll be long gone before the bodies are cold. Then he says that they should go through the op-tech before they leave in case Syd and Vaughn have to be rerouted through New York. "What do you guys know about electromagnetic weapons?" he asks. Well, a lot, actually. They make sentinels disappear before they can attack the Nebuchadnezzar, for one thing. ["They also cause Jessica Alba." -- Sars]

Apple Store. Marshall's dicking around in his office when all of a sudden, an alert comes up on one of his monitors. The Germans have moved the real Tabokovs to a prison in Havel. That's the Tabokovs that Syd and Vaughn are in the process of impersonating, don't you know. Marshall runs off to tell Sloane, but Sloane already knows. Unfortunately, what Sloane doesn't know is that the Germans sent this information over an unsecured line, which means…yeah, Sergei and company are getting this intel at the same time as the Apple Store. Which means…the Liberty Village jig, she is up. Sloane orders Marshall to send the abort code. Too bad that Syd's watch was bashed during the Fight at the OK Automotive.

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