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Young (Fake) Americans

So, Syd runs like a girl. Vaughn practices with the gun. Syd runs. Vaughn practices. His initial time is thirty-five seconds. Syd stops at a streetlamp, hits a button on her watch, and pretends to check her pulse. Back at the Spy House of Love, Vaughn's still practicing. In case you were worried, he manages to get the assembly time down to twenty seconds. Back with Syd's Spaz Run through Spysteria Lane, she pauses outside Sergei and Diane's place. She runs up to a tree on their property and peeks in through the front window. Diane's holding a cannon and wearing an eyepatch. Okay, no. She's just sitting at a table. But it doesn't matter, because just then, Sergei walks up and asks if Syd needs some help or something. Syd turns and improvises that she wanted to drop by and thank Diane for a bath salt kit she left for them. "How'd you know this was our house?" asks Sergei coldly. "Your name's on the mailbox," says Syd smartly. Nice save.

"Are you out for a jog?" asks Sergei. No, dumbass. She's planting tulip bulbs for the upcoming spring season. Can't you see the shovel in her hand? Yes. Of course she's JOGGING. Syd says something about how she needed to clear her head, and Sergei states that it was also a good chance for her to do some reconnaissance work. Syd just acknowledges this statement with a subtle nod. Sergei wants to know what Syd thinks of their little town. Syd mentions the strong perimeter security and armed patrol -- no one gets in and, well, no one gets out. The obvious lack of security within the town itself suggests heavy surveillance, security cameras in all the streetlights, and, in this immediate area, judging from the power lines, one of the houses across the street is a guard station. Sergei backs this up by saying that, with the first sign of trouble, they sound the alarm, lock down the streets, and get the snipers into position to fire at any hostiles. "It's our version of the Neighborhood Watch Program." Wish we had that program in my neighborhood. There's a guy who lets his dog bark all night long about two doors down that I'd like to see handled by this Neighborhood Watch.

So, threat issued, Sergei goes back inside and Syd heads back to the Spy House of Love. Vaughn asks Syd how her run went and she says it was great and that she ran into Sergei. They act as if they're being watched which, of course, they are. By Diane. She's watching them on several monitors. Sergei enters the viewing room. Diane tells him that the happy couple is well-trained and guarded in their communications. Sergei tells Diane that Syd showed initiative and managed to maintain composure during a stressful moment. Diane thinks they've found some viable prospects. Sergei says they'll find out tomorrow. The Horns of Damn, They Really Are Bad People After All, Just Like We Warned You Earlier slam over the soundtrack.

After the break, Jack goes to see Alexei. Alexei knows all about Liberty Village; the Russians trained some of their best operatives there. Jack wants to know if the government is still running ops out of it. Alexei just says that it really depends on how you define government. Jack says he has assets within the facility who may require extraction assistance. Alexei's all, dude? This ain't some fringe group you're dealing with. They may not be government-sanctioned, but there are definitely some higher-up dudes who approve of their actions. Jack wants to know what Alexei wants in return for his assistance. Alexei's all, well, now that you mention it, there is something I have in mind…

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