We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

The Kalish dealing with the elevator controls notifies Staleek that the Rabrokator has stopped at the caverns, which predictably drives Staleek nuts. The Kalish nods at his outburst and keeps working.

Sikozu uses both her hands to press controls in the elevator, begging it quietly to work. Chiana -- both arms and legs splayed to hold the doors open -- urges her to hurry. "This door's getting pushier." She fights the door; Sikozu fights the controls.

Scorpius keeps shooting, futilely, at the Matriarch. He begins to sound less like Normal Scorpius and a lot more like Scary Growling Half-Scarran Scorpius. You never hear that voice unless it's for that second that he goes crazy and then gets it together. I don't know if that's so likely right now. "Stark didn't know about it. Stark didn't know about it! This must be a new addition by the Scarrans! Rrrrr!" He starts walking toward the Matriarch plant as John, Aeryn, and D'Argo watch from the stairs. He really just goes nuts, frothing and growling. "He doesn't like to lose, does he?" asks John, but it's like: how would anyone know? It's Scorpius. He's never done this before. Of course he's losing it. The elevator clanks and whirs, and Sikozu tells them the drills are going. "We can core our way to anywhere on the planet." Chiana's still having crazy trouble with the doors.

The Kalish tells Staleek he's got control, and Staleek orders him to get it back up to their level so they can get down there and misbehave.

Chiana, caught in the overridden doors, screams for D'Argo; he runs to help her. John considers Scorpius, who is now crazily climbing onto the Matriarch platform like the S&M ghost of King Kong. He looks totally freaking crazy. Chiana grunts in pain as D'Argo helps her get the doors open again. John and Aeryn in the middle. Chiana and D'Argo trying to open the door and keep them safe. Sikozu trying to keep the elevator under control. And on the other side, Scorpius acting like a giant freak and menacing the Matriarch with his creepy hands. Something deft is happening with the elevator: D'Argo finally gets the door open, crawling beneath Chiana. Between her legs. She jumps into the elevator with a groan and thud, and D'Argo blocks the door with his feet, ushering her out again, and she then climbs underneath him, between his legs. Everybody but Rygel and Noranti, who have no disconnect from the body at all -- which is both their virtue and their vice -- are down in an immense cavern which contains a plant they call the Matriarch. At the bottom of a giant shaft, which they're hoping to climb or rocket themselves back out of. Inside a giant drill.

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