We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

John asks if anybody else knew about this, and Aeryn literally goes, "Bwuh?" John drops his head and sighs; D'Argo tells Sikozu to go ahead and be magical some more. "Not without a promise first. If the Scarrans were to learn there are others engineered like myself, they would kill millions of innocents to root us out." D'Argo shakes his head. She's still learning how we do things. "Sikozu, we're a team. Your promise is safe."

The elevator stops and the leader orders the Guards to take formation. They prime their weapons and face the door. As it opens, you can tell they're leaving the bomb there.

Sikozu shakes her head and sighs sadly. "D'Argo...the Scarrans are very good at retrieving the truth." John and Aeryn, as one, assure her they're never getting tortured again. I'm Butch. This is Sundance. D'Argo: "Agreed. Go." The family enters a pact, led by Sikozu, that says freedom outweighs safety. They won't go down again.

As the Scarrans head out into the cavern, Sikozu hands D'Argo the keychip: "Do not look upon me." Scorpius stands up too and she gives him a hard look: "Especially you." John pulls Scorpius back down into the field of flowers; Sikozu stands alone. The Scarrans reach the stairs and sight her: "Kalish, present yourself and surrender." They start toward her. This is why she's a worthy lover for Scorpius: she burns. In the chamber of the Matriarch, Sikozu holds her arms out, cruciform, and slowly begins to rise in the air, giving off a rose-colored glow. She shimmers; waves of radiation play across the field. The leader hisses, trains his gun on her; she becomes brighter and brighter. The Scarrans gag and scream. She is the embodiment of a people's rage; the power of political protest. She's the burning truth of justice, in a field of flowers. She's Johnny Radiation and Molly Pitcher, Harriet Tubman and anyone who ever drew the line of responsibility around herself further than her own eye could see. She is revolution, beautiful and terrible, self-sacrificing, recombinant and self-resurrecting. I go on and on, but come on: there's not enough room in the speed of this story to spend this much time on a single image unless it counts. Unless she was La Bomba all along.

The Fat Man was obscenity compared to this: a woman doing the one thing she was born to do, for freedom. Even in a cavern with just a few Scarrans around to make it count, she is beautiful and strong. Here's a list of things that glow: Moya as she knits herself in the fabric of the universe, moving under its surface and in its infinity. Zhaan, as she finally passes over to the Goddess forever, without ever having met this woman, which whom she shares so much rage and passion and truth. Stark in the moment of his (sometimes her, don't forget) connection with the divine. She is his dark mirror, in service to higher ideals than anyone else has managed to retain, good or bad, that we've yet seen. There's a kind of grace in this that we could only see in Season Four, and no sooner: a beautiful and terrible revolution. Everything all at once, dark and white, both sides of an imaginary line. Your side, my side, and the side that both hates the conflict and becomes its avatar. The burning woman in her holiness and rage. No Peacekeepers, no Scarrans, just this burning girl, saying her holy No. This is how revolutions happen: people taste this state and realize how good it can feel to be revolting. She's Scorpius as he could be: leaving his fear and hatred behind, turning his face from the flowers and burning with that light. The taint in his rebellion removed, leaving only something terrible and bright. I mean, girlfriend gets no credit. This is the show's love letter to her, and all her sisters and brothers. You have to earn it.

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