We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

(I promised I wouldn't do this anymore, but it's ridiculous: "Baba O'Reilly" just started on the shuffle. I don't know if that's retarded or what, but you should know that. It's making me laugh. Shuffle's got an effed sense of humor, quaint in its way.)

John turns his face and covers his eyes; Scorpius puts his head down. The Scarrans drop. Her light fells them all, such is its brilliance: One of the Scarrans falls on his face from the stairs. She finally drops to the flowers, spent, and everybody jumps into action. I need a nap too, girl! John and Aeryn try to get Scorpius together; D'Argo -- the only one in attendance who knows what it is, to be subjugated, the only other buffalo soldier -- kneels by Sikozu. He's joined by Chiana, whose race is defined by control and submission. They attend Sikozu in her rest and ascertain she'll be okay. Sikozu lies on the floor among the flowers, silent. Scorpius stands, still staring at the Matriarch. Not getting it. Frothing and growling. "Grasshopper," John says, almost tenderly. "It's time."

Scorpius whips around on John, and growls. Like a beast. He swipes at the flowers like a reaper with his Charrid rifle. "Do the math! It's over." Scorpius turns and aims at John: "I. Do. Not. Lose!" He's nearly incomprehensible. I hate to see him like this. It's not the losing, it's the submission to his anger and the monster that it makes him. After so many years of control and brilliance, of course he's losing his shit in a field of flowers, with his lover Djancaz-bru just a few feet away, recovering from glory. John says he'll be happy to give Scorpius some Losing 101 lessons later, but for now: "You in or out?" Scorpius sighs and finally lowers the gun, sparing one last hiss back at the Matriarch like Dr. Claw: "Next time, Gadget. Next time." With the growly voice and all.

D'Argo runs up to the elevator and opens the doors easily. Now that we've gotten the Sikozu set piece out of the way, now that Scorpius has allowed John to be the angel of his better nature just once, returning the favor -- now that John's admitted his grace lies in knowing how to lose -- now that we've seen the stakes and how high they go, we can open the door crazy easy. Scorpius turns off his rifle and trudges back with them, head down.

Noranti stands up slowly in the bioloid chamber, Rygel floating beside her. "Is that him?" He confirms that Stark is indeed sleeping in that glass box, and tells her to open it up. Another Stark, the gross and not awesome one, approaches, walking slowly down the stairs. Tell me Good Stark's got the hottie hair...yes he does. Most excellent. Rygel and Noranti raise the lid on the case together, grunting. The body setting spirit free. Stark lies within, eyes closed. It's a fairy tale. He slowly opens his eye, focusing on the Dominar. "Rygel?" He looks down, shaking his head: "Oh, you lunatic." It's kinda like rubbing a lantern marked "Fucking Annoying," but I love him for all that. "You're green!" he says to Noranti, and she smiles -- not to say primps -- down at him: "How lovely of you to notice." Crazy people are just so...crazy! And now there are four of them in a room at once on a highly-guarded military base!

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