We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Aeryn has fallen against John, of course, and she wriggles around and wonders if it's the surface yet. John's like, "Let's find out!" D'Argo gets ready to open the doors.

In the corridor, Charrid Rahzaro directs some guards to get the Emperor clear, and drags some of them back to the conference room, Staleek yelling to keep Crichton alive. Rahzaro nods. He's kind of great right now, just getting it done and getting on with it. Staleek hurries away as the Charrids enter, guns aimed at the elevator from behind the debris, and then they talk about how probably this rogue Wonkavator contains a chewy Crichton center. Like there are other drill machines going nuts elsewhere in the base.

"Why is it not working?" asks John, still stuck inside. D'Argo's like, also nothing is working suddenly, and John starts climbing some hanging wires: "Let's find out where we are." He cracks the hatch and immediately the Charrids open fire, so he drops it and comes back down. "That's no good." Chiana yells and Aeryn's like, "Where are we?" He pictures it and tells her they're in the conference room. AGAIN. Even Aeryn is like, "Seriously?"

"Come out now or die!" screams the General, and inside, Chiana's now convinced that they are laboring under a curse they didn't know about. She asks Aeryn if that's possible, cutely, and Aeryn's like, "Depends on if the elevator will hold." The Charrids shoot, shoot, shoot. Sikozu awakes, looking at Scorpius, and he murmurs that the Rabrokator is "quite strong." D'Argo's already bored, over it the second it started, and he asks if they can go out the bottom hatch. Sikozu shakes her head, saying with all their drilling it'll be like a mile drop at this point. John comms to Sparky and Grandma, as Scorpius crawls past John on the floor. Welcome to John's plans, Grasshopper. Have fun puking.

Rygel comms back to John from near Lo'La that the hangar is "crawling" with Scarrans; D'Argo realizes they have the chance to see if she's back to normal. Scorpius lifts off the lower hatch and sets it on the floor beside him, with a clunk; he looks down into the deep and thinks about flowers. "Rygel, are you standing near the ship?" Rygel tells D'Argo he's clear of it, but close. D'Argo calls an order to Lo'La, and Rygel ducks behind some barrels as her force field comes up. Rygel yells at a Scarran soldier, calling him a "roshvater," and the Scarran approaches, knocking himself out on some science. "That did it! The guards are down. We did it!"

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