We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Jenek steps out into the Crystherium cavern, discovering the dead strike team and growling. He looks across the field at the Matriarch.

General Rahzaro and the Charrids guard the Rabrokator in the War Room, waiting for reinforcement. He takes off to check on the Emperor and reiterates that they should not let the captured terrorists go running off; the other Charrids cock their weapons, pointing them at the Rabrokator, to wait.

"Grasshopper?" Scorpius looks up at John. "...How important is that mother plant?" Scorpius says he'd trade his life for its destruction, and John asks if he'd cancel his wormhole debt for saving Aeryn. Scorpius laughs and nods: "Of course!" John comms to Rygel, asking if they're onboard Lo'La yet. They are. "We're safe," he says, with Noranti and Stark beside him. John's got his bomb again, and he presses something on it. It lights up and begins to beep. Man, John.

John drops the nuclear bomb down the shaft; it falls rapidly out of sight. Even Scorpius is like, the fuck did you just do? "Fixed your little flower problem." Aeryn gapes. "You reactivated it, didn't you?" He nods and gives it about a minute. "And then it explodes?" asks Chiana. "A big explosion?" He nods; the bomb falls down the shaft, beeping. "Oh God, we should have voted! All in favor, show of hands," and John holds up his right hand; Aeryn stares at him and Scorpius, and then she and Grasshopper raise their hands, a little. Chiana stands up. Cuteness attack! Can you think of any other episodes like this? It's like Mission Impossible and Gilmore Girls had a sexy, scary baby! "All opposed?" Chiana raises both her hands; D'Argo raises his. "Three to two, Sikozu abstains," he says, and stares down into the hole. Sikozu speaks up for the first time since she made me want to find some battlements and lean up against them, singing: "The concussive pressure must exit through the elevator system..." Meaning this shaft, D'Argo notes. Scorpius thinks probably at this distance, the elevator should protect them; with a quickness he replaces the hatch. Aeryn shrugs. "Might work." Sikozu says either way they've got fifteen seconds to find out.

General Rahzaro runs back into the ruined War Room with another Charrid, and yells at the Wonkavator. He has no idea whatsoever; it's almost sad.

D'Argo crosses the back of the car to stand with Chiana; he puts his arm out and she ducks in, holding him. Sikozu has climbed into Scorpius's lap. Chiana pets D'Argo's hair, and he sighs. Aeryn's on the floor of the car next to John, both of them looking at the hatch quietly.

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