We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Now, that's all true, but I don't like her getting interfered with. Speak though it might of Chiana's good fortune in the near future. Aeryn's like, "Stealth is no longer an option." Because that's always Aeryn's first plan. She's such a subtle girl. "Does Lo'La have enough firepower to blast us out?" That's more like it. She and D'Argo stand close to each other and talk warrior talk, and the awesome part is that Lo'La probably could: "I'd call Lo'La, she'd blast a hole, and we'd run through." Love it. John's like, "Now, before someone else screws us." So D'Argo goes, "Okay." They never just do the plan! I love this! He calls her. She sits in the hangar bay, still and silent, surrounded by Scarran guards. "Duhstu hapeesta!" he calls again, but there's no answer.

Chiana immediately assumes the comms are jammed, but they're not. Sikozu's like, then they disabled Lo'La, just like Scorpius said. She somehow avoids licking her thumb and putting yet another mark on the invisible scoreboard, but honestly: it's like, do the Kalish have a symbol for infinity? D'Argo says that this thing, which is totally possible and in fact has happened, is impossible, and Chiana suggests they still try getting their "free ride" out on the Command Carrier. One of the things I like best about the season is how the crew finally started seeing their freedom, their sovereignty and family, as independent of the PK threat: the PKs are just tools. Like the Scarrans, like technology, like Rygel and Noranti: good for things. Take the fear out of the equation and you start saying stuff like, "Hey Command Carrier, can we hitch a ride?" or "We totally have to get Grayza fired." You see the system for what it is, anarchic and shifting with a lot of little gaps, and you realize that not only have the walls disappeared, they never existed. It's gorgeous. It's Aeryn.

Ahkna's like, "Try it and find out," and John tells her he doesn't even know what the fuck she's talking about. "Oh, let me enlighten you! Grayza doesn't frighten me, her Command Carrier doesn't frighten me, your bomb doesn't frighten me..." She reaches out and runs her finger over the top of the bomb. John's priapic little bone of contention, she touches it. Hands on the knob! John backs the hell up and she smiles. "...And neither do you." He looks at her and grins: "Damn. I'm on the brink of devastation, Minnie Pearl." She throws him like a ragdoll, a Scarran guard blocks Aeryn, and Ahkna climbs up and onto John, giving the Fat Man a good feel. "...Perhaps we should go there together." John collapses back onto the table, because: again? So soon?

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