We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

John: "You trying to say Harvey's back because of me?" Yeah. And because you killed Aeryn. Again. And Chiana. And everything inside. "You should honor your contracts, John." He shakes his head: "No. No contract. You betrayed us."

"We had a deal," says Harvey. John slams his hand on the desk. "NO! He screwed us!" Harvey calls attention to John's totally bankrupt high horse. "We had a deal! You took a bribe. You banked the cut, but when the heat's on...you're just another dumb copper doin' his job. Unbelievable!" Harvey slurps coffee noisily, and reaches for a jelly donut: "Look at these beauties!" John stands up and knocks the donut out of Harvey's hand, ashamed for being ashamed. "Would you have left me to perish with the Scarrans?" Under the circumstances? "Yeah." Harvey leans in and explains Farscape to John, one more time. "Hey. He's right, you know. We're brothers from different sides of an imaginary line...your side/my side, my side..." And John screams again: "Siddown!"

"So, here we are. Cadaver and Hutch. A team." Scorpius snorts but nods. And now? Now, we destroy the flowers. And if John says no, which he won't, but if he does, Scorpius will do it himself. On the other hand, "Rest assured mine is now the only path off Katratzi." Which, yeah. Harvey tells John he better listen: "He's smarter than you." John complains that Scorpius used him; Scorpius corrects him: "We use each other." John finally grasps part of the point: "You're better at it." Scorpius smiles inside: "Oh, you're learning." He compliments John on the bomb -- again, in case it wasn't obvious how gross the bomb plan actually is -- and John gets up, unready for that jelly. He uncocks Winona and stands up to walk away: "When it goes off? Plan on being nearby." John's so close to taking his freedom back from Scorpius, and he doesn't even see it yet, because he's too intimately tied up with him still. The relationship has a lot of baggage and history that is a burden for John, and none of the sort for Scorpius; you see the system for what it is, anarchic and shifting with a lot of little gaps, and you realize that not only have the walls disappeared, they never existed. Scorpius can just love John for what he is, because he's already defined his responsibility and none of it gets on him.

"Four hundred Scarran Scrambler Cannons were trained on us the microt that you entered here," Braca explains to John and Aeryn, as Commandant Grayza sits nearby. "Minister Ahkna informed us that, unless you were returned to them safely, they'd fire." Aeryn's like, under the truce, they can't do that. "They'll let us go," Grayza clarifies, "They just won't let you leave with us." That would violate the terms of the agreement. Grayza asks Braca and Aeryn for a moment alone. John nods at Aeryn and tells her to stay on comms. I only hate Grayza when John's around, but that doesn't mean I want to see her brought low. I hope she can get through this with a little grace. Una poca de gracia, you might say. This week particularly.

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