We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Chiana's amazed, speaking of getting things back no boy should be without, that they let her and D'Argo back on Lo'La. "Everything's working, right?" It does seem to be; the infringement remains a secret. "All right, well, let's get the others, blast our way outta here." She runs an instrument over the ceiling, walking on the console. Like she runs the place! He sniffs and says no, somebody's been there. "I can smell it." He's gotta make sure she's really his again. "The defenses were up, right?" She continues to work on the ceiling; Lo'La beeps and hums at them. "No, I don't know what they've done. Maybe frelled with the weapons? Planted a homing beacon. Or a bomb." It's a mystery, this love story. They'll have to work on this together, make sure there aren't any other booby-traps. (Aeryn's still in the Carrier's med bay, solving mysteries.) Chiana climbs down, over D'Argo. "Frell it! I have to shut the ship down and run a full systems diagnostic check." Lo'La beeps in response; Chiana asks how long that'll take. Three hours. "What if it finds something that we can't fix?" Then they go with Scorpius's plan: "The frelling elevators."

Rygel's like: "Lock ourselves in an elevator while it tunnels through the solid rock?" Noranti says it sounds reasonable, but Rygel thinks it just sounds fahrbot. Scorpius allows that Sikozu might not be able to provide elevator access, so they have to find Stark. Rygel's great: "What?" Noranti asks who that is, and Rygel's just like, "Another lunatic with the wrong number of eyes." She nods. "Oh." Ha! Stark comes in, and Rygel goes, "And there he is." Scorpius whispers that he's not: "That is a bioloid replica." Thank God! Rygel asks how he could know that, and Scorpius realigns all my trouble from last week like a magic chiropractor: "Stark would never torture me." He tells us that Staleek replaced Stark to fool Ahkna. What? We are moving really fast. Rygel's even like, "So but you're actually working for Staleek?" and Scorpius agrees that Staleek is, in fact, under that impression. Noranti volubly admires Scorpius's "compartmentalization of duplicity," as do I. Scorpius explains they need to find the real Stark, who's gotta be chained in a bioloid duplicator somewhere.

John asks where Aeryn went, when she went, and she'll only tell him it was unfinished business. "Wanna to tell me about it?" She says "later"; everybody watching screams their stupid heads off. Ahkna watches them as John fills her in on everybody: "D'Argo's still workin' on his ship, and Sikozu's tryin' to scan the codes." Aeryn asks for options. "We could always give the Scarrans what they want," he laughs, and she points out that they would die within seconds. Also everybody else, but I guess that goes without saying. They enter their room, where Ahkna is waiting. "Or, we could try the banzai approach," John says loudly, not yet seeing her: "Or we could just follow Scorpy's plan." He turns around and sees Ahkna and immediately jumps back onto a table, to get away from her hat. "Damn! You cannot stop following me around, can ya?" She nods. "And you just can't leave. Wouldn't Grayza help you?" He informs her -- played, remember, by Browder's wife Francesca Buller, the most talented alien lady this side of anywhere -- that Grayza's now the high bidder. Ahkna says she's ready to make her offer: "You'll go free. Now. You leave Scorpius behind, for me." John asks what's in it for her; Ahkna walks towards John and Aeryn immediately, awesomely, steps between them. "I will make sure the Hierarchy blames Staleek for your escape." John's like, "As we all know, I am ignorant of Scarran politics, but I'm guessing that means you'll get his job." Ahkna sighs and looks down; Aeryn smiles. "Ambition," he says, and looks at her hard. "Well. If it were done when 'tis done, 't'were best it were done quickly." Ahkna stares at him and ignores the reference -- those Scarrans have like no culture at all -- and nods almost imperceptibly. Aeryn watches Ahkna and then stands before her, looking straight into her face. Ahkna inclines her head, smiles, and walks around Aeryn, chuckling to herself as she leaves. John jumps off the table and stands right behind his Aeryn. "Thanks," he murmurs. "She scares the crap outta me." Aeryn looks after her for a bit, darts her eyes at John, and somehow manages not to smile as Claudia Black awesomely ad libs, with a tiny nod: "It's the hat." John, equally admirable, also does not break into giggles. Cute! So cute!

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