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I like how Probst says the tribe swap and last week's individual immunity challenges where huge surprises when they happen almost every season now. And also how he called Holly an "older mom" when she's like 44 and younger than he is. Espada return to camp after a strange freeze frame on a crowing rooster. Dan thanks his tribe for considering him so useless that they kept him over Yve, then says that he's starting to feel like John Gotti, the "Teflon Don." He calls himself the Teflon Dan. That's fine until you remember that John Gotti died in prison. I do love how the little Mafia guy's only point of reference is the Mafia, though. Chase interviews that he hopes voting Yve out was the right decision, and he'll feel pretty stupid if they lose the next challenge because of Dan's inability to move. Despite this, he and NaOnka want to vote Alina out next. Even though they know that her only real ally in this game was just voted out, so she might actually be less of a threat than Dan is. Also, WHERE IS NAONKA'S REACTION TO KELLY B. GOING HOME??? How DARE they build up her hatred of Kelly B. without giving us any payoff. NaOnka says she never trusted Alina, although she certainly seemed to trust her when she needed her shoulder to cry on.

Over at La Flor, Marty doesn't know what to say about the fact that he's still here except "WOW." Jill, on the other hand, wants to know why the young people didn't just tell them to vote Kelly B. Jud says they were hoping to flush the idol. They did a really good job of that, too, seeing as how they had every opportunity to get rid of the guy holding the idol and didn't. Marty runs over and interviews about how amazing he is for holding on to the idol. He says "something told me" not to play it. I]'ll bet something did. And that something is called "a producer." Marty says his next mission is to "deal with" Jane's deception.

The next day, Marty talks to Jane on the beach. He informs her that he has never lied to her, never voted for her, and never suggested that her name be written down. He was only going to vote for Jane last night because that's what the young people told him to do and he felt like it was his only option. And even then, he ended up voting for Brenda. Jane claims that she had no idea what was going on last night, and when Marty says he's pretty sure she voted for him, she just laughs and gives him a slap on the back. Marty runs to Jill and tells her what just happened. She says nothing, then interviews that she hopes Jane is the next person to go but doesn't have much hope.

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