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Kate Does What She Does When She Does
I'll do it." Jack stares at the pill, not sure what to do when people actually trust him. Usually, he's raging against the machine and everyone he thinks he is protecting hates and resents him (and often, not without reason). We cut to...

Jungle: Kate admits to Jin that she's not bringing Sawyer back; she's joining him. Jin just wants to know where Ajira 316 landed, so he can look for Sun. Kate doesn't know, and asks him if he thinks the Others will tell him anything or if they care about him, Sun, or any of the Losties. Since she's being so cranky, Jin takes one for the fans. "Who do you care about, Kate?" She gives him a dirty look and wishes him luck. As she walks off, Jin asks, "Once you catch up with Sawyer, then what?" Kate sighs. "I guess we'll figure that out, together." Is it just me, or does Jin look a little offended on Juliet's behalf?

L.A. Reality: Claire makes small talk with her newly minted BFF, Kate. Kate says she got her cuffs cut off, and Claire dives into deepest denial about the adoptive parents' failure to meet her at the airport. Soon though, they're at the Baskum's house, where Claire's persistent, pervasive imbecility becomes more persistent and pervasive than ever. She wants Kate to walk her to the door. Nils Bejerot's ghost points and laughs. Kate agrees, because stopping and helping people while she's on the run from the law is also what Kate does. At the door, Mrs. Baskum explains that nobody retrieved Claire from the airport, because Mr. Baskum recently dumped her and she's incapable of making a phone call, never mind thinking for herself. Kate hollers at Baskum for letting Claire fly all the way from Australia for nothing, but it's all to no avail. This woman is in no shape to take the baby, or breathe in and out without detailed instructions. Fetal Aaron is not thrilled with any of his once, future or potential mothers, so he tries to make a break for it. Yeah. Poor Claire goes into labor, right on the Baskum's stoop. "It's coming!"

Island Reality; New Otherton: With her gun drawn, Kate enters Sawyer and Juliet's former love shack. She watches as he rips up the bedroom floorboards, pulls out a shoe box and cries over its contents. Kate feels guilty for spying and turns away. That's when Sawyer realizes he's not alone. At first, he thinks Kate's an intruder. Well, a dangerous intruder. Well, a dangerous intruder he never slept with. He draws his weapon, barks out a warning, enters the hallway, and realizes it's just Freckles. "What the hell are you doing here?" Kate says, "I was worried about you," and turns to face him, but Sawyer just lowers his weapon and walks past her and straight out the door, leaving her standing there, while we cut to commercial.

Oh, it's a Valentine's Day related commercial. Which reminds me...while this won't be published until after that date, you must check out Lee Bretschneider's Lost-themed Valentines. He's been posting them in his LJ. If you're reading this long after the fact, search through his February, 2010 archive hellomightydog.livejournal.com/2010/02/. Thanks to clrumbaugh on Twitter for the heads up.

L.A. Reality; Angel of Mercy Hospital: Kate and Claire drive up to the front of the emergency clinic. A nurse immediately appears with a wheelchair. Claire tells her she's been in labor for about 20 minutes. Kate leaves the cab curbside and accompanies Claire inside, watching the passing police cruiser out of the corner of her eye. Inside the OB Triage Unit, Claire freaks out at everything -- even just having her blood pressure taken. The nurse stalls when Claire asks when she'll see a doctor, so Kate puts on her super-tracker hat and finds and brings one in. It's Ethan (Rom) Goodspeed! He tries to comfort Claire, explaining that the baby has decided to come a little early (36 weeks -- which is doable; she's 3 cms dilated and 80% effaced). He'll try to stop the labor if Claire isn't ready, but since that involves a lot of drugs, Ethan says he doesn't want to stick needles in Claire, unnecessarily. HA! Good one, Show.

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