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When an Elephant Walks By With an Itty Bitty Waist and a Round Thing in Clay's Face...

Previously on Survivor, the tribe merged into Chuay Jai. Chuay Jai. To borrow a likely phrase from Rudy, what the hell kind of name is Chuay Jai? In any case, Clay was -- for the umpteenth time -- "gon' tell you what" about his outlook on the game. Then Ted needed his "me time," and the former members of Chuay Gahn got tired or him. Or maybe they didn't and just told Jake they did. In any case, Clay excelled at the map-reading challenge, and knew he looked sexy in the spiky, gold immunity necklace. Then the tribe spoke to Ken in that night's Tribal Council. Seven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

It's dawn on Day 28. A crab scuttles by. A scuttling crab! I've missed them so! Helen and Jan paddle the canoe while Jake strokes his beard and Ted stares pensively into the surf. In an interview, Ted tells us that he received three unexpected votes in the previous night's Tribal Council. He immediately knew they came from Sook Jai, but he's still trying to figure out why. Jake ambles over, sits beside Ted, and attempts to explain himself. When he says that the former members of Sook Jai didn't know for whom to vote, Ted points out that they did a bang-up job of coordinating themselves despite their uncertainty. Jake then reveals to Ted that a Chuay Gahn tribe member told each of the Sook Jais to vote either for Ken or Ted. Jake would "rather not say," however, which tribe member it was, and Ted effectively conveys his disbelief with a brief "Oh." Jake panders that they should have voted with their hearts and not "messed with that," but they felt clueless since it was their first vote as a merged tribe. Ted apologizes that the vote didn't work the way Sook Jai wanted it to -- does that mean he's apologizing for not getting voted out? -- and concludes, "But you did what you did," before shooting Jake a sideways dirty look. In an interview, Ted tells us that despite Jake's assertions, he doesn't believe anyone told the members of Sook Jai to vote against him. Instead, he thinks that they are intimidated by him as a threat in the game: "Or, um, they just don't like me." Poor, naïve Ted sounds so sad when considering that the others might not like him. Ted reassures Jake that their conversation will remain between the two of them, but then tells us in an interview that he and Jake were both lying to each other, and that he doesn't have a problem with that because it's the nature of the game.

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