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Cultural Differences
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When the Dangrayne tribe (it feels weird to refer to them as one tribe when they are so clearly divided) returns from voting out Artis, Abi and Pete are sad, and while they claim it's because they miss Artis, it's also because they've just realized that they're screwed now. Abi interviews that she doesn't understand what happened and she thought Tandang was going to stick together. Yeah, maybe you shouldn't treat people like shit if you want them to be on your side. Just saying.

Meanwhile, Skupin, Penner and Denise are having a whispered conversation about how voting out Artis was the only way for any of them to have a chance at winning. Penner is kind of creepily leaning over Skupin -- it looks like he wants to make out. Anyway, Skupin and Denise agree that they should stick with their alliance until they are six and then shake hands and fight it out. Skupin interviews that he made a big move tonight, but he thinks more will be needed to make it to the end, but he's happy that he's taken control of his game instead of just riding coattails.

Lisa and Abi have a heart-to-heart on the beach the next morning. I find it disconcerting that Abi uses an empty wine bottle for her water; I always think she's just downing some Pinot Grigio around the campsite. At least that might explain her awful behavior. Anyway, Lisa assures Abi that she never betrayed their alliance, but that she will not be working with Abi and Pete anymore. Lisa interviews that she's terrible at break-ups and she has continued in some relationships well past a reasonable point just to avoid hurting the other person. And let's be honest here -- also to avoid being the bad guy and the one "at fault." That's got to be part of it, especially given what we know about Lisa's people-pleasing ways.

Lisa adds that she can't be in an alliance with someone who doesn't trust her. Abi says that it bothered her when Lisa claimed the other side was so gracious to her after her big attempt at ousting Malcolm, and Lisa says that they were really encouraging. So Abi says that they were being nice because they wanted her vote, and that Lisa is dumb to join an alliance where she'll be on the bottom. Unlike Abi's alliance, where Lisa will be... on the bottom? Abi is grasping at straws. Her argument seems to be, "We weren't nice to you, but they were only fake nice to you and now that Artis is gone, you would be in our final three, but only by default and also we still won't be nice to you?" How can Lisa turn that down? Lisa finally says that she'd rather be sixth in a group that she feels good about. Keep this in mind later when Abi claims that she didn't know that people don't like her; Lisa basically just told her she's not a nice person, but she did it in a nice Lisa way. Most people would be able to read between the lines. Abi wishes her luck and they part ways. Lisa interviews that she's taking control of her own destiny for the game and for her life.

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