Running With The Devil

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Actually, The Devil's Like, "Hey, I'm Not Hanging With This Crap."

Eric is still fumbling in the nightstand, probably loading the gun. Out in the hallway, the answering machine is blinking with its one message as a figure in a long coat moves through the house. "Stay in bed," Eric tells his partner. The silhouette in his house keeps walking. We can't see its face, but its hair is roughly as long and as big as Frankie's.

I hope all these short paragraphs aren't generating a feeling of suspense. It would be really unfaithful to the show if they were.

Jeremy continues to insist that he doesn't have Zoe: "If I did, do you think I'd be driving around to drug stores, buying frigging cold medicine for Lisa and Kurt's meth lab?" I don't know what he's doing hanging out with Lisa and Kurt in the first place, considering they sold him up the river to give Sean an alibi. Tally runs around to look in the trunk of Jeremy's car. "I hear one more lie come out of your mouth--" Sean threatens. Tally sees something large and wrapped in plastic in Jeremy's trunk.

A revolver goes off in close-up. We're supposed to think it's the gun in Sean's hand, even though that's an automatic.

Tally screams Sean's name.

Pan up from the smoking gun. It's the one Eric's holding -- and he looks horrified. Ooh, stylish! Except not.

The one in Sean's hand is still cold, as we can see from the fact that Jeremy's head continues to be intact. Looks like it's going to stay that way, too, because Tally has found a trunk full of over-the-counter cold medicine. "Look at all this crap," she says. "He's making meth." Jeremy takes this opportunity to flee into the woods, pausing only to toss an "I told you so" over his shoulder. Tally wants to know what they're going to do now to find Zoe. Sean has no idea. It won't be until next week that he realizes that Zoe intentionally ditched his scruffy ass.

Eric stands there, watching the shot-up intruder try to crawl away down the hall. "Oh, my God," the woman from his bed says. Eric claims that the gun just went off. Yeah, that'll happen when you pull the trigger. The shooting victim collapses on the floor, and blood starts spilling out from under the body.

Which is an apt metaphor, really. Thanks to all who read and posted, Mr. Kwan for his stellar editing work, and Wing Chun for putting a bullet in this show for me. See you on Rock Star.

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