Running With The Devil

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Actually, The Devil's Like, "Hey, I'm Not Hanging With This Crap."

Inside the house, Addie spots her soon-to-be-if-not-already-ex-husband Eric, and bitches about his "acting like a winner" as she watches him leer at a passing Sunny. She exposits that Eric has filed an appeal in their divorce, in case we care, which we don't, and when she sees Frankie go up and hug her dad, she whines to Maggie about it. "Just when I think she has seen her dad for who she day she is really going to get hurt by him." Shut up, Addie. You're beating him to it. Unless he does something drastic to catch up, of course. Maggie notices the news crew disembarking from the public-access van outside and remarks that she's "officially over being a news story." Addie totally agrees. And then she asks if Maggie has any lipstick. Haw! Oh, hee he hah hah! Whew, that was a good one.

Meanwhile, Peter and Nina talk about how the kids are in the back yard, just as Peter notices the reporter giving the cameraman a boost over the gate to the back. Peter runs up and pulls the cameraman down onto the ground. Ooh, bad-ass. No, wait, I meant bad and ass. Peter won't feel like such a big man when the cameraman sues him for $21 million.

A bit later, a police officer is briefing the winners in Nina and Peter's living room. This happened to be one of the few thirty-second snippets of the episode that my wife Trash happened to catch, and she said that the cop's acting was so bad that she kept expecting him to say something like, "The first question you all need to ask yourselves is: is in here?" Boom-chik-boom-chik-boom-chik.... But instead, the cop says that Zoe's still missing, and when the winner known as Burly Longhair asks about Sean, the cop says, "Mr. Falzone was questioned and released." Everyone thought Sean's name was Mathers, but now that the cop has dropped this little tidbit, he's done sharing about the case. He starts talking about other stuff, but then he fades down, drowned out by the "sensitive" music that starts up as Damien's parents walk in. Damien spots them as his dad tries to pretend the stick up his ass is only a mighty oak and not a giant sequoia. Sunny and Eric stand next to each other and exchange a smile. The baby in Beth's lap starts fussing, and Cameron takes him, calling him James. Whoa, we have a name! I bet Gedrick totally ad-libbed it, though. Nina looks at Cameron longingly, because she never knew before now that he can actually pick up a small human without killing it.

Later, Sunny and Eric are "flirting" over mimosas and talking like they've never met before. I guess Eric didn't go to many of the lottery parties. From a doorway, Addie watches and bitches to Maggie. "She's twelve," she says. "And he's still married. And a parasite." Maggie tells Addie to let it happen. "It's a parasite convention." And that'll do it for Maggie. Which is totally unfair, because they finally found something for her to do besides hang out with her family and look for boyfriends, and that's telling Addie to shut up. We shall miss her later this hour. Meanwhile, Eric and Sunny are having this scintillating exchange:

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