Running With The Devil

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Actually, The Devil's Like, "Hey, I'm Not Hanging With This Crap."

Stock footage of Times Square tells us that we're in New York, and Addie's showing Frankie where they're staying. It's some fancy loft, and Frankie asks, "Is this like a hotel? Why is it all furnished?" Does Frankie usually stay in hotels where you have to bring your own furniture? That sounds kind of inconvenient. She wanders around looking at all the fancy art and crap, and then her eye is caught by a framed photo of herself and Addie. "What am I doing here?" she demands. Ooh, a double meaning! I was beginning to forget what those sounded like. Addie's answer: "Surprise!" She bought the place. Frankie's flat-out pissed when she thinks they're moving there, even when Addie tells her that it's just a "pied-a-terre. A second home in the city." "Well, it's a third for me, if anyone's counting," Frankie huffs. Addie has the nerve to act all hurt that Frankie isn't thanking her, or impressed that she can just casually drop the phrase "pied-a-terre." Frankie relents a bit and whinily asks why they had to come today if Addie already owns it, since she had plans for the evening. Instead of answering Frankie, Addie answers her ringing cell phone, and speaks flirtatiously to someone named "Marco," who's inviting them to dinner at Elaine's. Addie asks if she's up for Italian. "Food or boyfriend?" Frankie asks. "Who's Marco?" Addie walks off, telling Marco, "Everything's fine. She's just being a teenager, that's all." That makes two of them.

Speaking of being a teenager, Damien's cell phone rings while he's watching TV. It's Frankie, whining about her day. She drops the name of the building (the Welton), the boyfriend (Marco, in case you had to grab a nap during the paragraph break), and "some woman named Elaine," but says she's not going there even when Damien tells her it's a famous restaurant. "Which means I'm stuck here alone." Okay, now she's just pouting. Frankie asks if Damien can talk, but he says that he "has to be someplace" and they'll talk later.

Of course, no one except Frankie is surprised when Damien turns up at her door that very evening. She happily invites him in and asks how he got there, like we didn't all hear her say the name of the building. "You took a whole plane trip just to see me?" Frankie asks. "Well, half wouldn't have been any fun," Damien mistakenly responds. And apparently my theory about the show being set in upstate New York is in the shitter. That would have been a short plane ride indeed. He makes sure his little move isn't too stalkery, and says, "Here we are. Nyorck Nyorck." I don't think I've heard it pronounced quite that way before. He asks if she knows anywhere to go, and since she doesn't, they decide to just stay in and make out.

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