Running With The Devil

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Actually, The Devil's Like, "Hey, I'm Not Hanging With This Crap."

Nina's doing a solo walkthrough in her new house, while on the cell phone with someone who's calling to cancel the inspection that's apparently scheduled for that day. Which doesn't explain how she got in, but whatever. She calls Beth and Cameron and gets their voicemail. As she starts to apologize for not coming over with a carload of used baby stuff (which, whatever; M. Small isn't even two and you wouldn't believe how much crap we've already passed along), she turns on the kitchen sink and quickly sees water flooding out of the cabinet below, like the drain isn't even hooked up. "Oh, God, I broke the mansion," Nina tells the machine, and hangs up in a panic.

Meanwhile, Nina's husband is lounging poolside in what's supposed to be Baja. You can tell by the mural of the ocean in the background. Peter's with Dave and a couple of other guys, and Dave brings up Peter's bike factory idea and asks how it's going. Peter rambles for a while, trying to sound like he knows what he's talking about while also trying to look like he's not checking out the bikini babes swarming around the area. He admits that it's "a chunk of change," but Dave's not worried, because he's since found out that Peter's a lottery winner. "In the business world, it's called due diligence," he condescends. Peter's embarrassed, but Dave tells him not to worry about it and says that Peter's got a good idea. Peter hopes so, since he hasn't told Nina how much he's sinking into this thing. Which is just stupid of him. One of the bikini babes then sits down next to Dave, and another one materializes behind Peter. Dave says something about a card game going on in the building behind them. Groping the chick next to him, Dave says, "We trade out hands as the need arises." And somehow, I don't know how, he manages to make that phrase sound so completely filthy you can't believe it didn't get bleeped. Which, good for LaPaglia. I mean, I can understand why they shoehorned Dave into this plotline where he has no business being, because Dave is one of the less soporific characters on this show. I just wish they hadn't turned him into an even bigger prick. Kind of wrecks it, you know? Peter says that he's going to call his wife instead and get to bed early so they can go fishing in the morning. Dave laughs at the poor dumb square and leers that fishing time is over, and they even have a guy who meets them at the airport with a cooler full of fish, "if the wife needs convincing." Dave tells Peter that this is his big chance to get his hands on some of Sy Fisk's money, but Peter's still doubtful. "What's the big deal?" says Dave. "You're lying to your wife already." And then he herds Peter back towards that aforementioned card game. Wow, who knew that over a decade later, Dylan McKay would still be dealing with peer pressure?

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