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Excitable Boy

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Excitable Boy

Sitting in the bar, Miranda absently pecks away at the piano. Lou finishes a drink, then strolls out, shooting one last worried glance her way. As she plays, Miranda wrinkles up her face and tries to look like she's weeping. She manages to make her mascara run, but other than that, she just seems to be suppressing a sneeze. Miranda suddenly looks really old, too. Maybe her tear ducts are shriveled.

Willard nervously stares at the woods. White-knuckling his cane for a second, Willard then lets it drop to the ground, strolling purposefully toward the forest. His coat drapes across a stump in a pretty flutter of cloth. WolfWillard runs through the forest, speeding, gliding. He leaps over a murky knoll and darts off-screen, at which time we hear the snap of an iron trap's jaws. Willard screams. We see his naked human arm caught in the snare. When he hears footsteps, his head jerks up nervously. A black glove and a long pistol sneaks into the shot; Willard snorts, then smiles. "Thank God," he says.

A gunshot reverberates through the forest.

Next time: something else will be shoved into this time slot. Thanks for reading the recaps, and trying to give Wolf Lake something resembling an audience.

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