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Excitable Boy

Donner and Lou question Miranda about the night of the assault. Donner won't let her smoke. Lou wants her to cough up any little detail at all about the rape, but she persists with the silent treatment. Grabbing the hand mirror from That Fateful Night, which shattered when she dropped it, Miranda sees herself and flashes back to the rape -- specifically, the point at which she ripped off her doorhandle. Miranda is pissed, because there isn't an IKEA near her at which to buy a trendy Swedish replacement knob. Lou insists she's hiding something, and requests that Donner let him interrogate Miranda alone. "Go easy on her," Donner frets.

As soon as Donner's gone, Miranda lights up, and Lou lets her. "So much for the ordinance," she snipes, referring to Donner's thin excuse for not letting her smoke. "Just so you know, I can't pay the fine, but I can do the time." Lou wears the world-weary gaze of a man who's arm-wrestled Evil and knows how much the bastard likes to cheat by tickling his opponents under the table, or by growing his fingernails really long. He begins by noting he's given the upcoming lecture a thousand times, and is happy to go once again. "There's a son of a bitch out there who's gonna do this again," he intones. "And if you don't help us, you're helping him. You say there's no justice in this town, Miranda -- well, let's change that." Miranda winces, because she was way high on Vicodin that night and said a lot of things about Justice and Justice's smelly mama. But then she laughs at how lame the speech was, so Lou sputters something about how it was the condensed version. "I'm sorry," she apologizes, biting back the mirth. "You're sweet, you are." Sighing suddenly, Miranda agrees to talk.

Sophia goes out into the forest, wearing the red pants and white shirt seen once before in her non-menopausal hot flash. Whoa, Soph, those jeans are made of cotton, not skin. People talk, you know. They might start calling you a tight-ass if you don't go up a size. Mozart's lost composition, the Life Change of the Hairy Non-Dog Hellions symphony accompanies Sophia's trip into the woods. Trees swirl overhead. She feels the ground, listens, smiles. Her movements are slow. Wolves growl and snarl in the background, then pant and howl. Standing alone, she looks up at the sky from the center of a clearing -- just as she did in the hot flash. As her heartbeat gets louder and louder, she notices a passel of wolves gathering around her, staring at her without menace. We hear whispers that are indistinguishable, but the closed-captioners claim we're hearing the same dialogue she and Sherman swapped in the diner. The, they claim the wolves whisper, "No, stay! Don't go." Whatever. Basically, she's communing with nature, tweaking her inner-wolf and thanking God she switched to Mane & Tail shampoo a year ago.

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Wolf Lake




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