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Soup To Nuts

Sultry the Singer, who we find out is called Miranda, arrives at the station after being arrested again. Her name is such a cutesy little joke -- she's always being arrested, and the arrest procedure involves being read your Miranda Rights, and...aren't you impressed? Aren't you? Oh, right. You're not watching. She bluffs that she only borrowed the Vapo-Rub to compare prices with another drugstore, but of course, there's only one, so her excuse is thin. Suddenly, Donner's deputy bursts in excitedly, having traced the trucks' origin: Ergo Foods Inc., owned by Eyderdex Chemical. Donner narrows his eyes. He is on the scent.

In a remote cabin, Ty chats with a mustachioed man and a big black dude, both reps from the chemical company. Ty is trying to break their deal, saying one failed shipment and tanker crash tends to be his limit. "My business policy is, when things go south, they tend to stay there," Ty states. That's also his sex policy. Awww, yeah, ladies. Mustache says that the company stands to lose too much, so they refuse to allow this breach of pact. "I don't think so," Ty says. "Nothing personal. It's been fun." Mustache bristles. Heh! I just reread that. It's a bad sign when I'm punning without effort. Mustache insists that his company needs the location, and so he will call the shots. "We're in waste management," he seethes. "We pursue disposal with extreme prejudice, whether in canisters or designer suits. We're #1, and that's why we get to decide when it's been fun." Ty considers this for a second, then smiles too suavely and concedes the point. He leaves. "I like how you handled that," Big says to Mustache. He then disappears to the bathroom to wash his face. Mustache hears howling outside, and since it's so dark and eerie out there, he decides to investigate.

Big heard a piercing shriek, and realizes Mustache is missing. Calling his name over and over, Big realizes his pal is no longer in the cabin, so he opens the front door as well; on the lawn, he sees a slumped body in a pile. WolfCam. Big nudges the body, then recoils in horror just as Ty calls out, "Here. Catch." He tosses Big the severed head of his pal. "I didn't want you to give me head!" Big screams. Or he would have, if Ty hadn't chosen that moment to bear his fangs and pounce. Big's bloodcurdling scream takes us to commercial.

The murder site must not be in Wolf Lake proper, because although Donner is there, he acts like he was summoned by other authorities. He asks a cop on the scene if any Ergo Foods or Eyderdex logos were spotted in the cabin; the cop says no, but the whole place reeked of fried chicken, and the only such restaurant is in Wolf Lake. Ooooh. Donner then gets his hands on a Palm Pilot belonging to one of the victims. Inside his truck, he scans the information and finds a graphic depicting "the old tannery."

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Wolf Lake




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