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The Changing

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The Changing

Sophia and Luke sit in a deserted science lab at the high school. "How old were you?" she asks, curiously. Luke says he was thirteen. They agree that's earlier than normal, but she presses and wants to know about his first time. "Freaky. I don't care what anybody says," he laughs. Sophia wonders if It hurt. Luke says that pain is just a mental state, but he does confess that It felt like someone was ripping the bones from his back. Obviously, It isn't anything that Sophia could read about in Cosmo Girl. And speaking of bones, Pammy walks in and sluts over to Luke, rubbing his shoulders and glaring at Sophia. "You're not making him tense, are you?" she asks. Sophia shrugs and begins to exit. "Oh that's right, I forgot, you're not in this class, are you?" sneers Pammy. Sophia looks sad.

Lou stews in prison. Donner lists his offenses, including resisting arrest and impersonating a local cop. Pissed, Lou demands to know where Ruby is. "What happened last night had nothing to do with Ruby Cates," Donner booms. Lou insists that it does, and flashes the silver pendant he found in the barn. "Let's see, two girls from the same town wearing identical jewelry?" Donner muses sarcastically. "That wouldn't happen in a million years." This doesn't deter Lou, no sir. He repeats that Ruby Cates was in the barn, having escaped from her captors, and that the police are tracking her down and hiding her whereabouts. Donner correctly notes how stupid that is, and then agrees to release Lou because listening to him go on about Ruby is making his ears bleed. Lou tries to find out who The Runner™ is, if it's not Ruby, and Donner basically tells him exactly where he can shove his questions. "Tell me something, Sheriff," Lou snarls. "What's a runner?" There's a huge music swell as we fade out on Donner's shocked face. He thought he outlawed stupid questions four years ago.

In a dark, dank basement-like area, nurses wheel around bedpans past some large French doors with windows blocked by gauzy curtains. It's Death Bed Deluxe, and writhing on it is a young girl emitting bloodcurdling screams. I think it's this show's financial backer.

Across town, Pammy and her skanks are chowing down on enormous chicken drumsticks, sucking the bones dry. So that's why they're popular with the boys. Lou, two booths back, is on the phone with a friend who he thinks can identify the "R" symbol. The man's in a priest's collar, and apparently he's on sabbatical because "the young co-ed in question is pressing charges." Reverend Raunchy and Lou giggle that no one has a sense of humor anymore, then Raunchy agrees to examine the pendant.

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