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The Changing

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The Changing

"She's too freaked to show her face," Pammy slobbers through a mouthful of chicken. "The whole world knows. Sixteen and she hasn't done It yet? So totally late." SkankBrunette whispers that Randy said "she" was ready to give It up, but at the last second she got scared and bolted and sprinted naked through the woods. "Sarah was going to flip with Randy?" SkankBlonde asks. That is, like, totally outrageous. Sophia arrives and blurts, "That's a lie. She can't stand Randy." Pammy sneers at her. Sophia suggests that Sarah might have flipped alone. "Ew, alone? Grotesque," Pammy scowls. "What a waste. Guess that's what happens when you wait too long." She tells Sophia to remember that. "Screw you," Sophia spits. "Just talking about it squeezes your juice, doesn't it?" Pammy drools, her mouth thick with chicken and her eyes surveying Sophia with a weird lusty hunger. Maybe wolves are bisexual. Sophia dumps a plate of food on Pammy's lap and stalks away.

Lou strolls over to Sophia and gently asks whether she's okay. Sophia basically tells him to piss off and plug his ears. Lou gets her to exposit that Sarah is The Runner™, which saves me watching that show. God complex intact, Lou gives Sophia his card, tells her to call if he can help Sarah with anything, and gives off another sex vibe. If he's trying to act fatherly, then he's from one of them close families.

In Cates's study, Sherman is examining a giant, festering growth on Willard's back. I think it's one of the writers. "Golf ball, or grapefruit?" Willard asks cheerfully. Sherman shrugs and says it's definitely in the citrus family, but he's not sure how to tell if it's metastasized. Cates grins that at least his old pants fit again. He wonders about homeopathic treatment, but Sherman looks so dubious that the topic is closed almost as quickly. "How do I prepare, old friend?" Cates asks. "They say J.S. Bach wore black gloves to compose his requiem mass," Sherman posits. Pissed, Cates shoots him. Well, he shoots him a look, not a bullet, but didn't it sound better my way? Sherman jokes that his pithy incomprehensible wisdom isn't as interesting after midnight. The two men discuss whether the town will descend into chaos when Cates dies; apparently, they haven't abandoned the idea of warring wolves duking it out for lupine supremacy. I would vote for Jason Bateman. "I think the expression is, 'Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war,'" Cates intones. Sherman laughs that plenty of those will be fighting for Cates's throne. Willard thinks Ty is a candidate, if he's got a strong partner to back him; "He's got the mandatory lack of conscience," Cates notes. He also suggests that Cates's wife Vivian will emerge from the chaos a strong force. I'm betting right now that Vivian is the "strong partner" who will support Ty's ascent to power. But I'm also betting Les Moonves will wield his power before we get that far into the series. Sherman lets out a low whistle at the mention of Vivian's name and sighs, "Okay, well, let the wheels come off. I hate a dull apocalypse."

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