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The Changing

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The Changing

Lou's dinkmobile stops in front of the hospital. Inside, Sultry is begging a nurse for more Vicodin to help with her "problem," but she's getting completely denied and flounces off into a corner to pout. Lou breezes inside and nonchalantly asks to see Sarah. Not fooled, the nurse requests Sarah's surname, and Lou is forced to admit he doesn't know her. Surreptitiously looking around, Lou whips out his badge, then flashes a tiny handwritten sign that reads, "Bochco? Call me. Please." The nurse doesn't have any teenager named Sarah on her admission records. "The real story doesn't start here," Sultry calls over to him. Lou grimaces that there isn't a real story anywhere in this town. "Looking for a missing kid or teenager? Visit the graveyard," Sultry whispers. "Not the pretty one by the highway. The one on the other side of the lake." Lou cocks his head, interested and hoping there's a Starbucks in the vicinity. "The bones will tell you everything you need to know," she rasps, and I note that her collarbone is making a very timely appearance. Lou flees.

A very worried mother and father try to smile through the pain at their daughter's bedside. Vivian watches, concerned, as we hear the girl moaning and wailing. Vivian finds Willard and begs him to end the suffering. "I'll never get used to this," he grieves. Vivian pats his shoulder, but looks deeply cheesed when he backs down and decides to give the girl more time.

Sophia strips off her terrycloth robe and stares at herself in the mirror, rubbing her body. There's gratuitous nudity and skin flashes, because that's what the young people want to see these days, and CBS is nothing if not waaaay wicked neat, yo. She has the good sense to clothe herself when her father knocks; he awkwardly tries to bond by offering to cook dinner. Grumpy, she says she already ate because she doubted he'd be home. She thinks something's suspicious with Sarah, and then they argue about Luke -- Donner thinks he's dangerous, but Sophia is fascinated by what he has to say about being a wolf. Donner prays that Sophia inherited her mother's DNA -- this is the clearest clarification of the point that Sophia is a hybrid and isn't sure whether she'll turn wolf or not, or whether she even wants to change. They're at odds; she should stay away from Luke; snore.

In a misty graveyard, a brunette puts a red rose atop a tombstone, kisses it, and weeps. "Happy Birthday, Amanda," she whispers. A hired goon drags her away, saying, "Time to go, Ruby." She slaps the man's hand away and sullenly hops into the GMC truck that carts her around town in both safety and high style. Lou drives right past her car.

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