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I know it's not a good sign when I put off doing the recap for as long as possible. When I like the show, I don't mind watching it again. But I've been dreading this episode, mostly for the speed-folding scene. I don't want to have to watch that wackiness again. I've figured out the main reason I don't like this show: I don't think Jaye is funny. I think the supporting characters are great, and I find a real sensitivity and humor to them. But Jaye seems so far away, I can't feel anything for her. I don't know if that's because of the actress playing her or because Jaye has no real passion or drive. I can't relate to her because she has offered up nothing about herself. She sits and mopes and complains and avoids, but I don't know why, or what she'd prefer to do, or why she chose philosophy for a degree, or what she thinks about working at Wonderfalls, or if she really likes the bartender or is just happy to have someone paying attention to her. In the first episode, she came across as totally asexual, what with her pawning the flirty EPS guy off to her sister and her interest in the bartender (whose name, we learn in this episode, is Eric), being mostly due to the fact that he might be a fellow drunk. If she were a drunk, that'd be something to latch on to, something to watch and follow, something to see unfold. But this is like Jaye's a pinball and we watch the pinball go from interesting person to interesting person, and Jaye learns nothing about herself so we learn nothing about her so we learn nothing from an entire episode, other than that people can be quirky. There is a truly good show in here somewhere, but until they figure out who they want Jaye to be, it's going to be hard for us to get swept up in it. They might also want to figure out how much quirk their world believably has, because the rules are constantly bending. How much camp? How much raunch? I am a girl who loves John Waters, so please bring on the campy raunch, but at least be consistent. This is why everybody loved Young Americans. It knew what it was, it wasn't apologetic, and it gave everybody really crappy writing teamed with absolutely gorgeous people and soap-opera plots. It was what it was and that was it. I wish this show knew what it was and stuck with it. Then at least it'd be easier to root for or dismiss. Get off the fence, Wonderfalls!

We open with Willam Sadler's narration. He's reading the author's bio for his wife, Karen Tyler. She has a new travel guide, Thumbing Through the Finger Lakes. We see Karen's picture on a bookstore window, next to the bio William is reading. Then the photo comes to life, and scares us momentarily. Then she morphs into Karen at a restaurant, watching with pride as her husband, Darrin, continues to read. We pan over to him as he reads the blurb about himself (he's a noted physician). FYI, he's also a forum visitor. Shout-out to Bill Sadler. Pan over to the smirky and self-congratulatory Sharon Tyler, who is an immigration attorney and partner at her firm. Son Aaron Tyler "is the youngest non-Asian to win the Fulton Scholarship in Literature." Hope he uses some of that money to tame his wild brows, or Karen's going to have to do another travelogue on her son's head. "Jaye, a daughter, is twenty-four." Pan over to pouty Jaye. She immediately makes an "Uh...?"

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