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Greetings From Wonderfalls

In the hall, mouth smudged in ink, Sharon sits, pouting. Thomas's ex-wife appears, and asks Sharon if she brought in the man with the pen in his throat. She says she's the ex-wife, and asks Sharon if she's Thomas's girlfriend. "I don't have a girlfriend," Sharon says quickly, caught. "I mean, I'm not his...no." The ex-wife smiles and tells Sharon she has ink on her chin. She licks her thumb and smudges Sharon's face clean with her finger, lingering at her lower lip. I don't understand the ex-wife's hair and how it doesn't even come close to matching her almost invisible eyebrows.

In the hospital room, Jaye goes on about how this is mostly Thomas's fault, as he watches Sharon and his ex-wife flirt across from him. Thomas tries to talk. Jaye notices Sharon smiling and asks what she's being sneaky about. "Oh, so that's how it is," Jaye concludes. Sharon says she has to be in court in the morning. She asks for cab money. The ex-wife offers to give her a ride. They practically leave skid marks. "Feel better!" the ex-wife waves. A pretty nurse comes in. Jaye tells Thomas that at least he knows it wasn't him. It's okay. He and the nurse are now hot for each other. Jaye wonders out loud if you have to ask for morphine. She sees the nurse and Thomas flirting. "You've got to be kidding me," she says.

Jaye drives home.

Thomas enjoys a sponge bath from the nurse. We hear his heartrate increase as she goes lower with the sponge.

Jaye's trailer. Sharon's waiting inside. She says she climbed in through the window. She tells Jaye she'll need a new screen. Jaye asks why Sharon didn't wait in her luxury SUV. Sharon says she was waiting there, but that there was a dirty kid eating out of a can of Spaghetti-O's, and he wouldn't stop staring at her. Jaye says, "So you're a lesbian now." Sharon: "Just now." Jaye says she can imagine herself doing a girl, in prison, if there weren't any guys around and the girl was Drew Barrymore. Sharon and Jaye sit next to each other. Sharon asks Jaye why she's being so nice to her all of a sudden. Jaye says she's always been nice to Sharon. Sharon says that when she was on spring break one year, Jaye put a litter box with a space heater in Sharon's closet while Sharon was gone. Jaye laughs and says she forgot why she did that. Sharon says that Jaye's never cared about her love life before. She's not complaining, but it's different: "What is going on with you?" Jaye says she doesn't know. She says she feels like a pinball, and she's been bouncing around, and she's trying to do what she's supposed to do, but they keep on making her guess. "Who made you guess?" Sharon asks. Jaye decides not to come clean this time, and says, "Nobody. The proverbial 'they.'" Sharon puts her arm around her sister. Jaye looks at the monkey, who whispers, "I love you!" Jaye says, "I...love you." Instead of the line from the original pilot and the teaser, which said, "Please don't respond to that," this time they have Sharon say she loves Jaye, too. Jaye is shocked to find that she doesn't feel dirty. She says they could probably say it again sometime, but not for a while. They decide to say it on birthdays and holidays. "But never in public," Jaye says. Sharon's smile fades.

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