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Greetings From Wonderfalls

The statue. Night. Jaye looks at the statue. Her bartender just happens to be walking by. He comes to Jaye's side and watches the statue. He asks why they always sacrifice the pretty ones. Jaye says it's easier to kill pretty people, even though you'd think the opposite would be true. The bartender wonders why the Maid didn't just paddle to the other side of the river. Jaye says she was surrendering to destiny. She tells him that there was a cult once that used that slogan and paddled themselves in canoes to a mass suicide over the edge. "That wasn't in any of the brochures," the bartender says. He says there's something to be said for surrendering to destiny. Why struggle with fate? "Life can be sort of peaceful when you stop struggling." Jaye: "A lot like drowning that way." They stare at the water and smile. The song says something about peace or a face in the water as we see some weird...face in the water? What is going on? ["She's been talking to a wax lion for an hour, and now you've stopped suspending your disbelief?" -- Wing Chun]

Jaye's gift shop. She stocks something. Thomas and his pretty nurse enter the shop. Thomas walks up to Jaye and squeaks out a "thank you." Jaye makes him repeat it over and over again, not able to lip-read "thank you," for some reason, and makes him write it down, scaring him momentarily with a pen. She hands him a grease pencil and a postcard. "He's paying for that," Alec says. Thomas writes that he had a crappy date, but the best night of his life. He reveals his hot nurse girlfriend. "I'm going to marry her," he writes. As Jaye congratulates him for getting back on the horse, they stop talking when they see the hot nurse ogling a girl who passes by. Thomas goes back to collect his girlfriend. They leave, laughing.

Jaye sees another girl flip a quarter into the fountain.


Another gift -- this time a bear in a barrel -- tells Jaye: "See a penny, pick it up." The wax lion's no longer talking. The digeridoo and the tribal drums start up as Jaye moans and groans that she was supposed to be done with all this crazy stuff. But she can't, because this is only the pilot, so she runs out of the gift shop, following the girl who made the wish. We know which one she is because they made her have toilet paper trailing from her shoe. Jaye runs up, telling the girl she's supposed to help her, and starts by informing her about the TP on her sole. View-Master out.

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