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All The Fun Of An Exorcism

Outside The Barrel, Jaye puts on enough coats, hats, and scarves to look like a Fly Girl. She gives Katrina a little tip: "Calling a girl the devil in front of the boy she likes? Not the best way to keep a friend." Katrina says Jaye's not a friend, she's a liar: "And so's the devil." She says she's not friends with liars or devils. Jaye says she's not a liar: "Not in this instance, anyway." Katrina says that Jaye made a bet that she could restore her faith in twenty-four hours, and then pretended to be her friend. "Are you Pentecostal? Are you trying to scare God into my dirty, sinful, Hell-bound, unsaved heart?" Jaye says she wasn't pretending to be Katrina's friend: "I was forced to be your friend. Those are two very different things." Katrina echoes my sentiments exactly: "You're horrible." Katrina says she knows that nothing talks to Jaye, just like nothing talks to Katrina. Jaye makes an asshole face, smarming that she didn't make anything up. The Wax Lion says here, "Break the taillight." Jaye shouts, "Ha!" and points at the lion. "You see? It's talking to me right now." Katrina: "For God's sake!" Jaye says that maybe it is for God's sake. "Break the taillight," says the Wax Lion again. Can he travel through space and time? Jaye says that the lion is telling her to break a taillight, which is vandalism, which is the devil's work, which is why "one little exorcism" isn't too much to ask. Katrina laughs and asks if this is fun for Jaye, "torturing a wayward nun." Jaye says that this is a laugh riot. As Jaye follows Katrina, going on about how this exactly where she'd like to be right now, the Wax Lion apparently puts Jaye's car into gear. It rolls forward and smashes into another car, breaking the taillight. Hey, seriously? That Wax Lion needs to take defensive driving. But the lion is in Jaye's hand. I rewind TiVo to see that when Jaye shuts the door, it makes us go to a close-up on a tire which jostles just a bit, and apparently that's enough for the entire car to roll forward on...pass me the joint, would you? Haaaah. Jaye just called the lion a bastard. Sweet! Dude, this pot is awesome. This show rules now. Jaye then gets into the car and drives away, backing into another car, committing two hit-and-runs in less than thirty seconds. Hilarity! Katrina watches Jaye drive away. Aaron pulls up right then as the music stops. "Hey," he says. "Have you seen my sister?" Heeeee! HaHAHAHAHA. "Have you seen my sister?" That's so FUNNY! God, this show. It's AWESOME! Heh. What? Huh? Where are my pants? Katrina tells Aaron that she needs him to tell her everything he knows about demonic possession. Hey, is that funny? Oh, shit. I'm losing my high, y'all.

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