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All The Fun Of An Exorcism

Fake recap pot buzz always kills early. Eric enters the Barrel bathroom and looks into one of the stalls. He sees the priest's pants around his ankles, and starts yelling. "Trying to force a nun back to the convent when she doesn't want to go back to the convent is very un-priestly. Even though it might sound...priestly." Jason Priestley? HaAHHHH! I'M STILL HIGH. The priest says he's not in the business of forcing anyone to do anything. He is also...doing his business. Father Scoffield says that right now Eric is forcing him to have this conversation. Eric says Father Scoffield is forcing Eric to force him. He asks, "What's wrong with a person needing a little time to figure out their [sic] life?" Father Scoffield asks Eric to hand him some toilet paper. Eric sits on the next toilet and hands Father a square.

Jaye enters her house holding a pillow. Karen, Darrin, and Sharon are at the kitchen table. Darrin asks whether Aaron found her. Jaye says he'll find her when he gets home: "I'm sleeping here tonight. Or trying to, anyway." As she asks whether they redecorated her room with a zoo-themed wall, Jaye sees that her family is slowly approaching her. She asks why they're all dressed up. "We're going to church," says Sharon. Jaye asks whether it's Christmas. She goes on, saying that if it is, they're all going to be disappointed in their gifts. Darrin says it doesn't have to be Christmas for them to go to church. Jaye asks if it's Easter. Karin says it's Wednesday, and that Presbyterians have Bible study on Wednesday. Darrin puts his arm around Jaye and says they're tickled to death that Jaye turned to the Lord for guidance, but that they don't really want her talking to a Catholic Lord.

Restaurant or bar or Barrel. Doesn't matter. Aaron and Katrina are sitting at a table drinking. Aaron says that these priests can do anything: "You get pregnant out of wedlock? You must be possessed. Bam! They tie you down. Tie you down and cast the demon out of you." Hey, what happened to the show? Am I now watching a show about competing religions? What? I didn't sign on for this. I wish I were high. Katrina takes notes, asking Aaron how one would cast demons out.

Back in the bathroom of heavy-handed symbolism and plot points not truly fleshed out, the scene just gets worse from here. Eric says that Katrina didn't want to end up sleeping in a barrel, she just had her dreams taken away. Eric says he only sleeps on a cot at the bar because his wife cheated on him and took all his dreams away. He says that what Heidi was is no more, so it doesn't matter. Instead of just letting it happen, they have to tells us what they're doing so we know how clever they think they are. With italics. The priest goes, "Are you...confessing something?" Eric says he didn't kill Heidi: "I just left her. Lost faith in her. I lost faith in that whole other life. And I don't know if I want it back."

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