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All The Fun Of An Exorcism

Kitchen table. Karen tells Jaye, "Catholics aren't bad people. They just do things differently. Their prayers have to go through saints, apostles, and statues." Darrin brags that Presbyterian prayers go straight to the source. "Right to J.C."

Katrina takes more notes as Aaron says that the Protestant rituals were even worse: "Cut them. Burn them. Bleed them. Until the body of the possessed was no longer a restful place for the demon to dwell." Katrina asks Aaron to go back to the bleeding.

Father Scoffield tells Eric that people transgress, especially in love. "Hell, I transgressed indiscriminately until I was called by God." This priest sure does curse a lot. ["Priests do. The ones I know also really like to drink." -- Wing Chun] "But God forgave me those transgressions." Eric asks if he's telling him to forgive his life. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us," he quotes.

Karen has one hand on the Bible and the other on her daughter as Jaye shouts that she didn't do anything wrong. "I shouldn't have to go to church," she pouts. Darrin says that argument has never worked for her: "It never worked for any of us." He tells her to put her pillow in her room so that they can go worship. Jaye stomps to her room.

Aaron is standing over a candle as they chant the Lord's Prayer over and over and over. Someone get me out of this show. Please. I'm dying here. "Until the demon knew the righteous were having none of them. And then he'd...." Shot of Katrina. Shot of Aaron. "You know, I guess...." Shot of Katrina. Shot of Aaron. "Leave." Close-up on Katrina.

Eric asks the priest if he should go back to Heidi. Father Scoffield says you can forgive someone and still choose not to be with them. "It was a yes or no question," says Eric. The priest says he doesn't have that kind of answer.

At the kitchen counter, Jaye's family adjusts their coats as Karen notes that Jaye is taking her time. Sharon then narrates the following sound effects: the front door opening and closing, and Jaye driving away. Darrin asks whether Jaye's planning on meeting them there.

Jaye's trailer. Katrina is sitting in her bed. Groovy jazz plays in the background again. "Oh, good God!" Jaye screams. Katrina stands and apologizes for calling Jaye a liar. She says that Jaye is a child of God. Jaye says it's good that she believes in God now. "I brought you back to Him. Big 'H'?" Katrina says Jaye certainly did. Jaye buffs her fingernails and says, "Well, smell me." We go way back to television in the '70s, when plot devices like the following happened: Katrina pours chloroform into a washcloth and covers Jaye's mouth until Jaye passes out. Actually, the lights go to a brown-out and Jaye stops struggling. Things spin. Blackout.

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