20/20 Hindsight

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Or so we think -- in a moment straight out of a "very special" 90210, here's Abe, filmed in a softly-lit room by a filter-laden camera. "Hi, I'm Billy Burke," he reads. "Effective treatment for mental illness is available." Well, thanks for spreading the word. "The vast majority of mentally ill persons are not violent and pose no threat to themselves or to the community. They deserve our compassion and understanding." Guess the protestors wrangled a concession -- too bad it looks scarily like one of those late-night Sally Struthers commercials for gun-repair classes. Or a low-budget soft-core porn. It might have sounded better if Burke was more adept with a cue card.

Next week: Abe beds Heather (surprise!), Lyla treats a bridge-jumper with a daughter, Derrick sticks around for another episode, and Mr. LaPinta talks about eating his mother.

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