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Rickle is giving a brief history of the creation of the world in mythology-speak, as Alvarez and Bobby exchange looks. "That's a little farther back than we had in mind," says Alvarez, indicating that they've asked Rickle to start at the beginning. Bobby brings things back to the present, telling Rickle to fast-forward to this month -- more specifically, the day he got arrested.

The report-holding board member reveals that the document also says that Rickle said "Athena was hacking her way out of his skull," which Lyla chalks up to a literary reference. The others seem to have a more literal take on the statement, being of the mind that someone in an agitated condition, talking the way Rickle was talking, who came into a hospital looking for help, would be a pretty good candidate for a "Totally Nuts" medal. Board 1, Lyla 0. Derrick looks distressed as the ringleader prods her into saying that, in a hypothetical case in which a patient was exhibiting each of these alleged symptoms (including "saying he was Zeus," which, in Lyla's mind, Rickle was not), she would diagnose as "psychotic with grandiose delusions." "Thank you," says the ringleader, and Derrick looks distressed once again.

Bobby is still mining Rickle for information about the day the deed was done. Rickle says he knew it was "a big day" (another one!) from the moment he woke up. He knew he had to be prepared, a feeling which is exactly like "the one on the bus," whatever that is.

More Lyla. More board. She maintains there was nothing unusual about Rickle, but ringleader says the fact that he was just days away from a psychotic episode reveals that, in fact, there was something very unusual about him. But hindsight is 20/20, remember?

Rickle had lunch at Gray's Papaya (Broadway and 72nd, for those of you interested in retracing his steps) prior to the unpleasantness -- "a couple of dogs and a piƱa colada papaya combo." Sounds delicious. The he wandered down to the Coliseum Bookstore (Broadway and 57th), where the classics section is "better than average." Stop on by for all your classics needs! At the bookstore, says Rickle, "there was this girl."

Derrick is now grilling Lyla, and asks if she was "packing them in that day." Yes, says Lyla -- it was cold, shelters were crowded, moon was full, you name it. Bordering on mayhem. Derrick asks if there was "moon class" where Lyla went to medical school, which elicits a somewhat surprised negative, and he goes on to ask if there was a "moon chapter" in the DSM4 (again, whatever that is ["the DSM-IV is the standard diagnostic manual for psychiatry"]); she laughs but she's really getting angry. Moon reference, a pregnant Lyla -- perhaps Dr. Derrick doesn't approve a working mommy-to-be. Derrick asks if she had more than she could handle that day, and she retreats to some mandate about procedures to move mental patients out of hospitals, as he tells her that CPEC is not the only hospital department under siege. Lyla launches into a diatribe about using a medical model in a psychiatric setting, but he cuts her off, asking, "Did you go to medical school?" PR guy looks uncomfortable as Lyla, undeterred, says that in medicine, pathology defines the illness, while in psychiatry . . . and then Derrick yells that when misdiagnoses a patient they don't go shoot up six people . . . and then ringleader calls a time-out for five. People start to rise as Lyla sits still, glaring at Derrick as he leaves the room. In the hall, she catches up to him and demands, "What the hell are you doing in there? You have a better understanding of the limitations of psychiatry than anyone sitting in that room." Derrick turns and tells her that she's making excuses for missing a diagnosis, and that if she can't do better than "subjective smoke-and-mirrors," she should go do something else. Straight up. She protests that he wasn't there, and he tells her that she shouldn't be working pregnant, that she's all whacked out on hormones (aha!). He makes the moon/baby association again, for those of us who have just joined tonight's program, and then again, which pisses Lyla off to the point that she gives him an aggro little shove. "I have a license to use my best judgment, not to be right one hundred percent of the time," she says, nostrils flaring. "My job is to move people off the edge, and he was not on the edge. I'm not psychic, but I'm a good psychiatrist, and you know how good I am, Derrick." Lyla 1, Derrick 0. Lyla's shaping up to be the most interesting character so far, with a pretty rich vulnerability/strength thing working. Well done, Miss Forbes. That's better, says Derrick, "now you're finally starting to sound like someone who's interested in keeping her job." Nastiness with a purpose, huh Derrick? "Now go in there and let them hear it." He walks off, leaving Lyla, tears in her eyes, to feel the burn.

Back to Rickle; Bobby asks if Rickle had met the girl before. "No," says Rickle, but "she seemed pretty nice." The girl in the bookstore was looking for Pindar (Rickle calls him the "first original sports fan" -- he wrote about athletic struggles as metaphor for the human condition), and he wanted to help her; she thought he worked there, then figured out that he didn't, and left. Rickle followed her (Bobby here gets up to knock on the glass and tell two chatting guards to shut up); Bobby ascertains that Rickle was armed at this point ("big battle day. I was prepared"). Rickle continued following the girl, who, according to Rickle, didn't know who he was. "She should know," thought Rickle. "She should know if she knows about mythology, about the battle." And we're off -- Rickle, intensely focused on the task at hand, followed the girl to Times Square, "the big battlefield." Rickle says the Titan guards tried to keep him out, and he realized that the girl was also a Titan, and in that moment he realized that "the battle was at hand, and they had to be put down." Ergo the shots. It was just and right, says Rickle, breathing heavily. "That was what was in my head. I must have been out of my mind." Bobby gives him a quizzical look, and we fade out to a black screen.

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